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D1400-HE Outdoor 1080p wireless security camera

Outside 1080p wireless security camera no NVR/router/Internet compatible NVR NAS Xprotect iSpy BlueIris

Network security cameras make remote view become easier than conventional CCTV security cameras is one of key reason people opt for network cameras. However, not all applications require remote view, so some users still want to use security cameras to monitor a remote area where there is no Internet, even no router/WiFi exits. For such kind of solution, some companies recommend two solutions including using wireless camera kit which includes several wireless/Wi-Fi camera and a set of Wi-Fi NVR, and PoE camera kit includes PoE cameras and a set of PoE NVR.

1# Wireless camera vs PoE camera vs 4G/LTE 

No matter wireless camera kit and PoE camera kit, they require cameras to directly communicate/connect with NVR, so there is no requirement for router setup or Internet. The disadvantages are they are typically a set of system that requiring costs a lot, it's mandatory to use network video recorder (and purchase a hard drive). Well, some users may advise us that users can use security cameras that support 4G/LTE, when considering 4G/LTE functionality and flexibility, it’s the best solution. However, the cost of camera and operation fee is super expensive, this solution is so lavish and not affordable to majority home users or small business owners.

2# Standalone security camera works on no Internet/router/NVR

For Christ’s sake, sometimes we just wanna a simple camera system that support local viewing on smartphone. As a security expert, Unifore is pleased to introduce you Yoosee cameras, they support operating standalone just like old past close-circuit-television (CCTV) cameras. The reason is they are wireless/Wi-Fi cameras support AP hotspot function, they emit Wi-Fi SSID (signal) ready for direct and instant accessing. To watch live stream on your smartphone devices, just go to device’s WLAN setting, find camera’s Wi-Fi SSID, input password to connect. The next step is running Yoosee app, now without any further configuration, you’re able to access camera wirelessly, you’re able to watch live video, tweak camera’s settings, even choose recording mode and start to record video stream.

3# Advantages of standalone security camera

The beauty is you don’t need to spend a coin to buy a PoE/Wi-Fi NVR (you know NVR requires a hard drive to run). As long as you’re within camera’s Wi-Fi coverage and know the password, you’re able to monitor your places wirelessly on Android phone/tablet, iPhone, iPad. Yoosee cameras have built-in microSD card slot for edge video recording, it supports maximum 128GB. Offering multiple recording mode, the camera gives you a great flexibility on video recording, and if memory card is full, it can automatically overwrite the oldest files. By using microSD/TF memory card recording, your camera keeps recording video even there is no network/Internet.

In addition to AP hotspot (standalone mode), Yoosee cameras definitely can support Internet remote view. Simply select “switch to network mode”, your camera will be able to connect your home/office router and working under network/Internet mode. In this mode, you’re able to access camera anywhere even when you’re away from home, or in abroad. Additionally, it can send you push notification alert in event motion detection alarm. In conclusion, Yoosee cameras are the best choices for inside/outside places regardless network condition.

4# Recommended best 1080p outdoor security camera

D1400-HE is one of best selling and high quality outdoor security cameras from Yoosee product portfolio. This camera supports AP hotspot and network mode. It operates regardless Internet/NVR availability. It’s a right camera for outdoor installation since it adopts IP68 rated weatherproof design. Comparing with IP66 which merely against water injection, IP68 provides higher standard water resistance performance. For instance, most outdoor cameras adopt IP66 rated weatherproof design you can’t drop them into water, because doing this they will be damaged immediately. IP68 rated cameras can be immersed into water, cameras will still operate properly.

Outdoor 1080p Wireless Security CameraOutdoor 1080p Wireless Security CameraOutdoor 1080p Wireless Security Camera

Buy D1400-HE Outdoor 1080p Camera

It supports day and night video surveillance, the camera uses black color Infrared LEDs which not only helps camera to see at night, but also provides wider illumination angle than conventional LEDs, black IR-LED also greatly reduce red glow phenomenon. The camera provides 15-20 meters IR range, adequately for outdoor installation. Equipped with a 3.6mm lens can provide nearly 90 degree wide viewing angle.

Different from most outdoor cameras, this camera has built-in microSD/TF memory card, it accepts 32/64/128GB memory card for edge video storage. So, the camera can not only support instant live video viewing, but also support video recording. It provides three recording mode which includes 24 hours video recording, recording video according to preset schedule, and motion detection alarm recording. To playback/view recorded footage, you don’t need to take memory card out. You’re able to playback recorded video clips on smartphone and computer remotely.

The camera employs Hisilicon Hi3518EV200 SoC and 2-megapixel CMOS image sensor. It has the capability to deliver 1080p resolution video (720p HD for mobile view, 1080p FHD for local recording). Hisilicon SoC today is the most compelling HD camera solution which offers crystal clear video no matter day or night. Unlike other common network cameras, our cameras support push notification, when motion detection occurs, it notifies you (or your friends/neighbors, total three users) by sending instant push notification alerts. This helps you actively and effectively monitoring your property even you don’t watch live video. It also sends snapshot to your email when motion detection alarm happens.

Intending to prevent your camera from unauthorized accessing, the camera adopts sharing algorithm. The “Sharing management” function secures your camera and protect your privacy, it abandons conventional username and password algorithm. Your camera is bind to your account, no other camera access or use it even the device is stolen. You’re able to share camera with your family members to invite them to watch live stream. So, it not just provides higher security but also better flexibility.

D1400-HE provides flexible remote view for different platforms. It comes free Android and iOS app (now reaches nearly 20 million downloads), and free software for Windows OS computers. Using the provided free software, you’re able to manage multiple cameras on computers, the freeware provides preview, PTZ, recording, snapshot, remote config etc functions. Most importantly, this software works for local cameras and Internet cameras. This is great, because as we know many companies are not able to provide PC software for their cameras.

For those users requiring integration with third-party devices/VMS, D1400-HE is also a good choice, It supports standard RTSP stream protocol, it works seamlessly with Synology NAS, or other home automation system. It complies ONVIF specification, the camera works your existing or new Dahua/Hikvision/Hisilicon NVR no problem. It also works with your VMS software, it can be integrated with free VMS such as Milestone Xprotect, iSpy, BlueIris, Axis Camera Station, Exacq, SecuritySpy and more.

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