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Bullet 1080p wireless security camera with PTZ

Mini bullet 1080p wireless security camera with PTZ audio monitoring 128GB memory card storage

D1800C is a mini size bullet 1080p wireless security camera with PTZ, the camera currently is the most popular and top-selling model among our network camera product portfolio. Comparing with conventional outdoor security cameras, D1800C provides multiple useful and powerful features such as 180 degree pan and 55 degree tilt rotation capability, 4x optical zoom and auto-focus, built-in microphone to support audio monitoring, and a microSD/TF card slot to accommodate up to 128GB video recording/storage. Additionally, it not only supports Ethernet but also wireless Wi-Fi connection to provide easier and more flexible installation.

1# PTZ covers large outdoor area 

Both end users and professional installers like using PTZ security cameras, because they offer advantages of offering larger outdoor coverage than conventional security camera. PTZ stands for pan/tilt/zoom, PTZ camera is able to change its viewing angle left and right, and focal length to zoom in and out. This means one PTZ camera can replace multiple normal cameras, and reduce the number of cameras to monitor a large area, which in turn, greatly reduce budget on system (from both equipment cost and installation fee perspective). PTZ cameras outperforms conventional cameras, they should be mass deployed. However, the actual fact is PTZ cameras are less chosen by users since they are too expensive.

The price of D1800C is just slightly higher than conventional security camera. Most importantly, it’s a bullet style camera adopts light-weight and small dimension design can greatly reduce shipping cost than those 7-inch PTZ dome cameras. Lastly, D1800C supports preset function, it allows users to config 5 preset positions, call the preset, it will automatically rotate to designated position.

2# High definition audio monitoring

For those users who requiring outdoor audio monitoring, D1800C is also the ideal choice. It has built-in a microphone to collect sound & voice. In addition to achieving 1080p FHD video surveillance, you’re able to do audio monitoring. Thanks for its Hi3518EV200 core processor features sound echo-canceling and dynamic noise reduction, the camera provides high definition audio monitoring performance. D1800C is a powerful camera that will keep you one step ahead of intruders.

3# Total 16x zoom capability (4x optical, 4x digital)

D1800C is a PTZ camera equipped with a motorized vari-focal lens provides variable from 2.8mm to 12mm focal length. Incorporating with auto-focus, the camera is able to capture clear video eliminating the process to manually adjust lens, hence provides super easy installation. No matter it’s your first installation, or the camera needs to be relocated, it always provide you clear image with fine tune focus. The cameras provide 4x optical zoom and 4x digital zoom, total 16x magnification capability. You’re able to zoom wide and zoom tele to either have a wide viewing angle or view an object in far distance. By integrating with pan/tilt function, you’re able to track moving object easier, this can be no achieved/supported by conventional security cameras.

4# Day and night video surveillance with IR

D1800C includes Infrared illuminator can provide night vision distance up to 30 meters. IR LEDs are new generation SMT IR LED diodes that provide wide projecting angle. They help D1800C camera to see a wide area than conventional IR cameras. Smart-IR function can automatically adjust IR illumination density to overcome over-exposure issue hence camera sees clearly for short distance objects. By employing Hisilicon 3rd generation image noise reduction technology, D1800C capture B/W image that image quality superior and crystal clearer than other IR security cameras.

5# Operating under no Internet/Wi-Fi router condition

Though it’s a network camera, it doesn’t require Internet or Wi-Fi router. The camera has built-in Wi-Fi module supports AP hotspot. It provides its own Wi-Fi SSID for connection. Users can use mobile devices to connect camera directly, you’re able to watch live stream and record video, or even tweak camera’s settings. This means D1800C security camera is suitable for a remote area where Internet and Wi-Fi router is not available. Besides AP hotspot, it definitely supports Internet mode, therefore users access cameras and watch live video anywhere, anytime.

6# Top-rated powerful APP

D1800C is compatible with Yoosee app which is the most rated and downloaded app in security&protection category. The total download reaches up to 20 million. Yoosee app today is one of most friendly app for security cameras. It supports multi-lingual (e.g. English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Japanese, Russian and more), up to three recording mode including 24 hours, schedule, alarm activated, supports image flip, swipe left and right to rotate camera, tap zoom cursor to zoom in and out on mobile device.

Comparing our rivals, our security cameras provide smart detection function. They support motion detection (sensitivity is adjustable), users can tap Arm/Disarm icon on app to activate or de-activate motion detection. Up to three users will be informed by instant push notification in event of motion detection occurs. Additionally, the camera supports snapshot function, it captures three pictures then send to your preset email when alarm occurs.

7# Interoperability with NVR VMS NAS

If you own a Synology NAS, you would like to add security cameras to be part of your network attached storage system, D1800C is able to send video stream to your NAS device via universal RTSP stream protocol. The camera complies Onvif specification, it’s able to work with network video recorders from third-party such as Dahua, Hikvision, XM and more brands. If you are running video management software, D1800C camera also can be integrated with them. It’s been verified that D1800C security camera works with BlueIris, iSpy etc open-source/free/paid VMS.

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1080p bullet security camera supports 180 degree pan and 80 degree tilt rotationAP WiFi hotspot, when Internet is not accessible, camera device can be used locally without Wi-Fi.Variable focal length, providing 4x optical zoom and 4x digital zoom capabilityDay&night video surveillanceHigh definition audio monitoring and recordingWorking with Android and iPhone iPad Windows OS computersSecurity camera WiFi and Ethernet connectionYoosee app setup and camera installationEthernet connection/wiring of 1080p outdoor security cameraMini PTZ wireless bullet camera structureTutorial of how to insert microSD/TF memory card to D1800C security cameraCamera device design introduction

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