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Hisilicon Hi3521A H.264 1080p Hybrid DVR/NVR - Datasheet

Last year, Hisilicon launched the new HD video codec processor Hi3521A for video surveillance application. The Hi3521A is the upgraded processor based on its predecessor Hi3521. This high performance processor can support HD video encoding and decoding simultaneously, it's suitable for hybrid video recorders. Today, you can find many Hi3521A based hybrid NVRs/DVRs that can connect with AHD/TVI/CVI analog cameras and IP cameras.

1080p AHD DVR

  • 4CH 1080p real-time Hi3520D V200 + NVP6124
  • 8CH 1080p real-time Hi3521A + NVP6124


  • 4CH 1080n real-time Hi3520D + NVP611A
  • 8CH 1080n real-time Hi3521D + NVP611A
  • 16CH 1080n real-time Hi3531D + NVP611A

4CH 1080n AHD DVR + 4 2MP AHD Cameras:

4CH 1080N AHD DVR Image Quality

4CH 1080p AHD DVR + 4 2MP AHD Cameras:

4CH 1080p AHD DVR Image Quality

1080N resolution is 960*1080:

1080N AHD DVR Image Resolution
Hisilicon Hi3521A SoC/Processor
Hisilicon Hi3521A SoC/Processor

The Hi3521A datasheet and technical documents are only accessible for the authorized developers. Here, we share you the datasheet of Hi3521A.

Key Specification

Processor Core

  • - ARM Cortex A7@Max. 1.1GHz
  • - 32KB I-Cache,32KB D-Cache /128KB L2 cache
  • - Neon acceleration, integrated FPU

Video Encoding

  • - H.264 Baseline/Main/High Profile Level 4.2
  • - MJPEG/JPEG Baseline

Video Encoding Performance

  • H.264&JPEG encoding of multiple streams:
  • - 4x1080p@30fps H.264 encoding + 4x CIF@30fps H.264 encoding + 1x1080@30fps H.264 decoding + 4x1080p@2fps JPEG encoding
  • - 8x720p@30fps H.264 encoding + 8xCIF@30fps H.264 encoding + 4x720p@30fps H.264 decoding + 8x720p@2fps JPEG encoding
  • - 16x960H@30fps H.264 encoding + 16xCIF@30fps H.264 encoding + 4x960H@30fps H.264 decoding + 16x960H@2fps JPEG encoding
  • - 5x1080p@30fps H.264 decoding
  • - 10x720p@30fps H.264 decoding
  • - 4x720p@30fps JPEG decoding
  • Supporting CBR/VBR bitrate control mode,ranging: 16kbit/s~40Mbit/s
  • Encoding frame rate ranging from 1/16~60fps
  • Encoding of eight ROIs

Intelligent Video Analysis

  • - Integrated IVE, supporting various intelligent analysis applications such as motion detection, boundary security and video diagnosis 
  • - 3D denoising, image enhancement, and dynamic contrast enhancement
  • - Anti-flicker for output videos and graphics,  1/8x to 16x video scaling
  • - 1/2x to 2x graphics scaling
  • - OSD overlay pre-processing for eight regions
  • - 4 privacy mask areas

Audio Encoding/Decoding

  • Voice encoding/decoding in compliance with multiple protocols by using software
  • G.711, ADPCM, and G.726 protocols

Security Engine

- Various encryption and decryption algorithms using hardware, such as AES, DES, and 3DES

Video input interfaces

  • - 4 8-bit interface or 2 16-bit interfaces.
  • - 108/144MHz 4CH D1/960H TDM inputs,total 16CH D1/960H real-time inputs.
  • - 144/148.5MHz 2CH 720p TDM inputs, total 8CH 720p@30fps real-time inputs.
  • - 144/148.5MHz 4CH 720p TDM inputs, total 16CH 720p@30fps real-time inputs.
  • - 148.5MHz 2CH 1080p TMD inputs, total 8CH 1080p@30fps real-time inputs.
  • - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 1CH 1080p@60fps real-time input.

Video output interfaces

  • - HDMI 1.4+VGA+CVBS outputs. 
  • - The HDMI and VGA outputs share the same source
  • - Maximum resolution 1080p@60 fps for HDMI or VGA
  • - Three graphics layers in RGB1555 or RGB8888 format, with the maximum resolution of 1920x1080
  • - One hardware cursor layer in RGB1555 or RGB8888 format, with the maximum resolution of 128x128

Audio Interfaces

Three I2S/PCM interfaces

  • - Two input interface
  • - One output interface
  • - Support 16-bit audio input/output

Ethernet Port

One Gigabyte Ethernet port

  • - Integrated FE PHY
  • - MDI at the PHY layer or RMII at the MAC layer
  • - 10/100 Mbit/s full-duplex or half-duplex mode
  • - 1000 Mbit/s full-duplex
  • - TSO, reduce CPU load

Peripheral Interfaces

  • Two SATA 3.0 interfaces
  • - PM
  • - eSATA
  • Two USB 2.0 Host ports, support Hub
  • Three UART interfaces
  • One SPI, supporting two CSs
  • One IR interface, one I2C interface, and multiple GPIO

Memory Interfaces

One 32-bit DDR3/DDR3L SDRAM controller interface

  • - Maximum frequency of 800 MHz
  • - ODT
  • - Maximum capacity of 1GB
  • - Automatic power consumption control

SPI NOR flash interfaces

  • - 1-, 2-, or 4-bit SPI NOR flash interfaces
  • - Two CSs