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 IP PTZ dome camera EP4220

2MP IP PTZ dome camera EP4220 Everfocus

EverFocus (慧友) is one of famous security equipment manufacturer from Taiwan, China. The company launches latest IP PTZ camera model: EPN4220, which is high definition IP PTZ dome camera adopts Sony CMOS black camera, supporting H.264/M-JPEG multiply streaming technology, it can deliver 1920x1080 high definition real time image, and surveillance effect is excellent. Besides, the camera has built-in removable IR-CUT filter, can offer you true day/night video surveillance, with flexible pan/tilt/optical zoom function, which make it become ideal camera for big area surveillance.

Heavy-duty aluminum IP66 housing design

This camera has simple but elegant design, housing adopts heavy-duty aluminum metal material, and its design likes a water-drop shape, can be firmly embedded, comes with ceiling mount and wall mount bracket for easy installation, it adopts 1K10 vandal-proof design, IP66 weatherproof, open this camera, we can see it adopts quick-plug design, which can allow camera to be installed with ease. In normal working, camera's making noise is moderate, PTZ rotation is fast and smooth. By the way, its heat ventilation is pretty good, after several hours continue testing, touch camera's housing, the temperature didn't increased significantly.

Everfocus EPN4220 IP camera interface

For the interface, the connection cable comes out in the base of dome camera, it includes RJ45 Ethernet connector, BNC video output, Audio Input/Output, Alarm I/O. It has rich interface, and each of connectors with remark to make wiring more convenient.

Test: Clear images and good network performance

During the test, for testing its network performance, we connect this caemra to networ switch, then connect to PC for simulating of simple LAN network, then login its web server through Internet Explorer, also set its resolution to 1080P, bitrate 4Mbps, and fps 25, under this condition, we start to test its resolution and other network performance.

Image quality: Through the resolution test card testing, we can know this camera's horizontal resolution reaches up to 900 tv lines, and horizontal resolution reaches 800tvl, edge resolution also reaches 800 tvl, grayscale can support 10 grade, compared with the 24 color reproduction card, this camera has normal color reproduction performance, some colors are subdued.

Everfocus EPN4220 Resolution

Network performance: under the 1080P resolution, running the bitrate calculating software, and this camera can stable the bitrate in the range of 3.6 - 3.8Mbps, the bitrate control is excellent, which can reduce the network bandwidth requirement. Using the stepwatch, through screenshot, we can estimate its three approximate delay time are 600ms, 550ms, 580ms.

Everfocus EPN4220 Network

Wide dynamic range: This camera supports WDR function, through configuration, we can enable and disable the WDR. It supports three options, which are, ON/OFF/AUTO. In this test, we make the camera target to strong light, a doll is located inside the lampshade. We enable and disable the WDR, then do the comparison. Through comparison, we can see when WDR turned on, the overall image improved a lot, the dark background scene becomes more bright, and the doll also becomes visible.

Everfocus EPN4220 WDR Effect

20x optical zoom, advanced PTZ control

This camera is Pan/Tilt/Zoom dome camera. From its datasheet, it can achieve 360 degree continuous rotating without blind spot, tilt rotation range is 0 - 90 degree, can add presets, and accurate positioning, can support automatic horizontal rotation, 16 kinds of cruises, 4 patterns, functions are abundance.

In addition, this model support maximum 20x optical zoom, put the camera target to outside hotel building, and zoom in the object, from monitoring video, we can see the hotel name very clearly. By the way, when zoom in, the camera will slow its rotation speed, which allow camera to capture clear images.

Advanced functions with ICR filter

This camera owns rich functions, the block camera has built-in ICR filter, supports DSS (Sens up, slow shutter) function, which allows it work low light camera. During this test, we use the dark box to simulate night environment, EPN4220 camera switches to night (B/W) mode, when light was decreased to 13Lux. One more thing, it supports motion noise reduction, after enable it, this camera can provide much clearer images, and noises disappear.

This camera can allow user to access via IE, its operation graphic user interface is very simple, functions are rich. In its configuration menu, we also can find some other functions such as back light compensation, focus mode, in the video parameter, user also can select the specific zones on monitoring scene to do digital zoom in.

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