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1080P IP PTZ Dome Camera with IR

EP2845 20x optical IP network camera can deliver smooth video streaming with excellent HD resolution, offering precise pan/tilt rotation, and its surveillance performance is impressive.

The overall design adopts heavy-duty metal durable design, IP66 rated weatherproof, widely used in many video surveillance applications. It provides diversity functions to meet the needs from different video monitoring solutions.

1. Durable design for outdoor installation

EP2845 - latest new model from Unifore, which is an advanced HD IP PTZ network camera. From its housing design, this PTZ camera with its unique dome design, adopting aluminum alloy material, supports both wall mounted and ceiling mounted methods for flexible installation. This camera has IP66 rated weatherproof design, built-in anti-thundering and power surge design to enable camera provide long-term reliable service.

This camera has equipped with lens wiper and Infrared LED array to provide IR illumination, whenever the camera is working in raining weather condition or under complete darkness light illumination conditions, this camera still can capture high resolution images, and totally has 9 pcs high power LEDs, the IR range can reach up to 150 - 180 meters.

On the interface design, it has multiply interfaces, including AC24V input, Ethernet RJ45, Alarm Input and output, Audio Input/Output, and Reset button...etc. Plug-and-play design for easy installation.

IP PTZ Camera Interface Design
IP PTZ Camera Interface Design

2. High Clarity with stable streaming bitrate

This PTZ dome camera has a bult-in 2.4 megapixel resolution block camera which adopts 1/2.8 inch Exmor Sony progressive scan CMOS image sensor. Supporting triple encoding includes H.264/MJPGE/JPEG, dual streaming technology and maximum output 1080P HD real time resolution, and fps can reach 30fps. During the resolution test, our people set the camera's resolution to 1080P and 25fps, the bandwidth (bitrate) confined to 4Mbps. Under above configuration, we test this camera.

Resolution/Color reproduction: Make the camera target to outdoor scenes, observing the real time monitoring images, we can see this camera can output smooth video streaming, without frame-lost phenomenon, and using the resolution testing cardboard (test card) to measure its resolution, the horizontal resolution can reach 1000TVL, and vertical resolution is 950TVL, and edges resolution is 900TVL, grey rated 10 grade. Using the color test card for color reproduction testing, we can see besides one of color is a slight subdued, the overall color reproduction are correct.

Horizontal resolution reaches 1000TVL, Vertical resolution 900TVL
Horizontal resolution reaches 1000TVL, Vertical resolution 900TVL

Network performance: Running the bitrate calculate software, from its result, this camera can control its bandwidth (bitrate) among 4.20-4.81 under real time 1080P monitoring. Then using the stopwatch to calculate its video latency, the delay time we have got are 530ms, 520ms, 500ms, the video latency need to be improved. In conclusion, the network performance is acceptable and can fit in most network environment.

Under 1080P resolution, the bandwidth between 4.20-4.81Mbps
Under 1080P resolution, the bandwidth between 4.20-4.81Mbps

PTZ control: This model supports pan/tilt/zoom function, supports horizontally and vertically rotate with optical zoom. This camera supports 360 degree horizontal rotation and vertical -5-90 degree tilt with auto flip function. It supports 256 presets and provision is ±0.1°. Additionally, it supports auto cruise and auto scan, pattern...etc useful PTZ features.

Optical zoom: This IP PTZ camera with 20x optical zoom lens. During testing, we stretch the lens to 20x optical zoom, and make the camera target to outside hotel ad board, under 20x optical zoom, this camera still can keep HD resolution images, and the characters on the board are clear. After that, we set three presets, each of them with different position and zoom times. During the automatic scanning, we can see this camera can provide accurate PTZ function.

Wide dynamic range function: It supports wide dynamic function, and go to its OSD menu, and turn on WDR. During the test, we make the camera point to direct strong light, and put a cloth doll inside the shade of light. Turn on/off the WDR, we can see the significant changes of images. From observing, after we enable the WDR function, the resolution of cloth door has obvious improvement, and the back scene becomes more bright.

WDR ON/OFF Comparison
WDR ON/OFF Comparison

3. Day/Night Surveillance

User can config the IR function through its embedded OSD menu. During test, we put the camera into dark box which can simulate low illumination environment, this camera can deliver high clarity images, when illumination decreased to 7.76Lux, the camera automatically switch from color to B/W mode. On this time, the IR LEDs turn on, under complete darkness environment, the surveillance images without obvious noises and distortion.

Furthermore, this camera has flexible link functions, it supports alarm detection preset linkage, after detect alarm, the system can automatically rotate to preset position, very useful and flexible features.

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