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Outdoor 1080p Security Camera

Best Outdoor 1080p Security Camera with Microphone & Speaker

Though video surveillance is one of major reason why people choose to use network cameras, modern security cameras now can provide lots of features like edge video recording, motion detection, audio monitoring, smart video analysis, even AI (e.g. cloud based face recognition). Unifore, the pioneer security solution provider recommends you best outdoor security camera in 2019. A1100 is a modern bullet style design outdoor security camera supports Ethernet and Wi-Fi (2.4GHz) connection, the product has built-in microphone and speaker to support audio monitoring and 2-way intercom. It adopts waterproof design can withstand harsh weather condition.

How audio monitoring works? 

Audio monitoring inside your our property or houses is totally legal. The camera uses a waterproof microphone can collect sound within 10 meters. In addition to watch live stream, you’re able to hear the sound and know exactly what’s happening. It also has a waterproof speaker built-in, you’re able to shout out to scare intruders away in case suspicious people sneaks into your premises. There is no need to constantly watch live video, the camera will notify you by sending instant push notification alerts and email in event of abnormal activity occurs.

Why it’s a best outdoor camera?

Unlike most outdoor security cameras don’t support audio monitoring and 2-way intercom. A1100 support this function. Thanks to its advanced hardware design, the camera utilizes echo-canceling and de-noise technology to improve sound effect. It provides high definition and low-noise voice monitoring. To be specific, A1100 adopts Hi3518EV200 SoC, its an upgraded processor based on the predecessor HI3518EV100, the new processor has many improvements on image processing and encoding capability.

Weatherproof Outdoor Design

Unifore insist on offering high quality security products because we know it’s crucial for your safety and security. Any inferior in product design will cause failure of your IP video surveillance system. A1100 adopts IP66 rated weatherproof design to ensure camera can operate in both indoor and outdoor environment. It means camera is very durable can withstand harsh weather conditions such as dust, rain, snow, wind. The product enclosure includes all-in-one bracket can avoid cable being cut by burglars.

1080p Crystal Clear Video Monitoring

provider - HiSilion. New SoC ensures camera always capture clear and vivid video even under variety lighting condition. Comparing with other solution (such as Texas Instrument, Grain Media, MStar), Hisilicon Hi3518EV200 can provide better image quality video as implementation of new generation image processing (ISP) technology. Integrating with video surveillance dedicated 2-megapixel CMOS image sensor, Unifore A1100 is able to output/deliver 1920x1080 resolution video.

Up to 128GB video recording

By using A1100 outdoor security camera, there is no need to invest extra money to buy a recorder for video recording. The camera has built-in microSD card slot to support max. 128GB storage space. It supports 24 hours, schedule, motion detection multiple recording mode. No worry that you will lose video because of insufficient storage space. Furthermore, the camera is able to work with any network video recorders and VMS software. We offer free CMS software for Windows OS computers, you’re able to manage multiple cameras simultaneously.

Wi-Fi connection with AP hotspot

Despite running Ethernet cable between camera and the router, the security camera also supports wireless Wi-Fi connection. Ethernet and Wi-Fi provide a great flexibility when choosing a place to mount it. Unlike traditional security cameras, A1100 supports “Smartlink” for fast setup via smartphone. You’re able to setup it within several minutes, no complex network configuration required (e.g. port mapping, DDNS, IP address tweaking). The camera also support AP hotspot, which means the camera can work standalone. When it works standalone, you can use your smartphone directly access camera and watch live stream. This helps customers/users to monitor a remote place where Internet/router connection is unavailable/not possible.

Buy A1100 Smart 1080p Camera

IP66 rated waterproof/dust-proof resistance, high quality production standard and waterproofing materials and proofing treatment ensures device operation in harsh environment. Full HD 1080p Resolution, Hisilicon processing DSP with 2 megapixel sensor enchances high quality imaging and stability performance. Equipped with metallic IR-CUT and 3-megapixel 3.6mm lens ensure higher and sharper picture quality for day and night surveillance. External microSD card slot, record video with microSD card with 3 recording options: 24 hours roud clock recording, alarm trigger recording, schedule recording. Mobile video playback, playback video recording on SD card remotely, recording to mobile phone are available in phone photo album storage. WiFi wireless connection Wi-FI connection with AP hotspot, connect camera device with following methods: a. Wi-FI connection, b. Ethernet connection, c. AP hotspot (using camera without Internet locally) Dual band two way talk feature, built-in IP67 microphone and speaker for two-way communication. Listen, talk at the same time as if chatting over the phone. Excellent voice transmission (small Hi-Fi speaker quality).

Motion detection & sensitivity control, advanced motion detection and sensitivity adjustment for enhanced security protection. Adjust motion detection sensitivity according to required to lessen false alarm. Equipped with alarm notification to mobile devices and snapshot and send via email feature. Smart system will send email alarm notification upon motion detection, alarm triggers and an unauthorized access/tempering of your system. Simply press record button in the app to record onto your mobile devices. You can view your files in the playback menu. It's easy to catch up on what you missed. Take snapshots and save directly on to your mobile devices.Remote access management and view, manage camera devices via mobile, tablets or PC desktop remotely or via LAN network. Hisilicon processing DSP Hi3518EV200, provides better profermance and stability. Low power consumption with better imaging processing clarity. SmartSens SC2235 low-lux CMOS image sensor with lower lux, better day & night imaging resolution. Real 3-megapixel HD lens and built-in IR-CUT filter. Enjoy higher compability with more equipment. The product complys Onvif (Open network video interface forum) specification pertaining to IP-based security products. Onvif specifies a common protocol for the exchange of info between various network video devices from different manufacturers to permit greater interoperability to multi-vendor network video devices. Privacy protection, weak password prompt, sharing device management, limited access for guest, mobile number & email address Wi-Fi setup operation guide: plugin power adaptor plug to camera device cable power port. 2. Download app Ethernet cable setup operation guide, 1. Plug in power adaptor to camera device cable power port. 2. Download app and register new account or log into your account. Plug one side Ethernet cable to router and other side to camera cable Ethernet port. 4. Choose

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