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HD-TVI 5 Megapixel Camera Solution

1080P (2MP) CCTV Cameras HD-TVI/HD-CVI/AHD

Image resolution is an important fact when users plan to setup video surveillance systems. Generally, the higher resolution, the higher image quality, this means captured video can provide detailed information, which can be very useful to identify people face, vehicle plate number, money transaction, etc.

Although IP solution prevails in today's market, many users still decide to choose HD analog solution,because the current AHD/HD-TVI/HD-CVI HD analog products allow users easily setup a HD video surveillance system by simply replacing the existing 960H analog products. Unifore, as the leading video surveillance manufacturer, we are dedicated to providing Full HD 1080p analog cameras that based on AHD/TVI/CVI solutions.

Which is better among AHD, HD-TVI, HD-CVI? this is a frequently asked question from our clients. Actually, these HD analog solutions are quite similar, all of them utilize megapixel CMOS image sensor to deliver high definition image, while transmitting uncompressed video signal over coaxial cable. Compared with HD-TVI and HD-CVI, AHD is open technology to all manufacturers, AHD cameras and DVRs are affordable and popular.  To know the difference between these HD-over-coaxial solutions, you can read the article: Analog HD technologies - AHD, HDTVI, HDCVI, ccHDtv, HDMDI

720p/1080p AHD Camera System

AHD stands for analog high definition, it's a new high definition video surveillance system that combines the simplicity of analog technology with high resolution available in digital IP systems. AHD cameras can deliver uncompressed, high resolution video (720p, 1080p) over coaxial cable. Using the AHD cameras and DVRs allow user to get high definition image quality without replacing the existing coaxial cable. Compared with IP systems, as the video signal is not compressed,the picture is more natural during live viewing in comparison to an equivalent decoded from IP stream. Moreover, AHD can provide no delay real-time video monitoring, and the configuration of such a system is easier.

About AHD
Outdoor IR 1080P AHD Camera

AHD203BV24 - 1080p AHD Camera

  • Outdoor IR bullet camera IP66 weatherproof
  • 42pcs Infrared LEDs or 2pcs array LEDs
  • Up to 35-40 meters IR range
  • Equipped with 2.8-12mm manual vari-focal lens
  • 1/2.8-inch SONY IMX322 CMOS image sensor
  • NextChip NVP2441H DSP
  • 2 megapixel, 1080P@25/30fps
  • Switching AHD/960H via OSD
  • D-WDR, 2D/3D Noise Reduction
  • Defog, HLC, Motion Detection, Privacy Mask
  • Max. 500M transmission range by coaxial

AHD105BR1 - 720p AHD Camera

  • Outdoor day&night IR bullet camera
  • 42pcs F5 IR LEDs or 2pcs array LEDs
  • Built-in ICR, IR range 35-40M
  • 1/3-inch Sony IMX225 1.3MP CMOS sensor
  • 1.3 megapixel resolution, 720p@25/30fps
  • Nextchip NVP2431H digital signal processor
  • D-WDR/Defog/HLC/Motion Detection/Privacy Mask
  • Equipped with 2.8-12mm manual vari-focal lens
  • Switching AHD or 960H via OSD
AHD105BR1 - 720p AHD Camera

720p/1080p HD-TVI Camera System

High Definition Transport Video Interface (HD-TVI) originally comes from Techpoint USA, HD-TVI security cameras support HD video resolution up to full HD 1080p, frame rate up to 30fps, transmission distance up to 500 meters of coaxial cable. According to the chipset supplier Techpoint, HD-TVI chipset has been supplied to many manufacturers including Hikvision, TVT, AVTech, IDIS, etc.

About HD-TVI
HD-TVI 1080p Outdoor IR Camera

TVI205BV24 - 1080p HD-TVI Camera

  • Best HD-TVI solution in the market
  • Outdoor day&night IR bullet camera
  • 42pcs F5 Infrared LEDs or 2pcs array LEDs
  • IR illumination range 35-40 meters
  • Equipped with 2.8-12mm motorized vari-focal lens
  • Motorized zoom/auto focus
  • 1/2.8-inch SONY IMX322 + EN773E + TP2801
  • Super-WDR, 3D digital noise reduction
  • Excellent low light sensitivity
  • TVI/analog dual video output
  • IP66 rated weatherproof for indoor/outdoor installation

TVI105MV19I - 720p HD-TVI Camera

  • Outdoor IR HD-TVI dome camera
  • IP68 weatherproof + IK10 vandal-proof
  • 35pcs F5 Infrared illuminators
  • IR range 30-35 meters
  • Equipped with 2.8-12mm manual vari-focal lens
  • 1/3-inch SONY IMX238 CMOS image sensor
  • FH8521 + TP2801 chipset
  • 1.3 megapixel, 1280x720@25/30fps
  • Built-in IR-CUT filter and OSD menu
TVI105MV19I - 720p HD-TVI Camera

720p/1080p HD-CVI Camera System

HDCVI ( High Definition Composite Video Interface) is a solution for megapixel high definition applications, featuring non-latent long-distance transmission at a lower cost. The name has to do with its base-band and quadrature amplitude modulation technology, which is able to avoid CVBS cross talk, completely separate brightness and hue signal, and further enhances video quality.

About HD-CVI
HD-CVI 1080p Outdoor IR Camera

CVI206MV10 - 1080p HD-CVI Camera

  • Best HD-CVI 1080p solution in the market
  • Outdoor IR vandal-proof dome camera
  • IP65 rated weatherproof design
  • 30pcs F5 IR LEDs, IR range 25-30M
  • Equipped with 2.8-12mm motorized vari-focal lens
  • Motorized zoom/auto focus
  • 1/2.8-inch Sony IMX322 CMOS image sensor
  • Eyenix EN771C HD-CVI DSP
  • 2 megapixel, 1920x1080@25/30fps
  • Super-WDR, Slow shutter, 3D DNR
  • HD-CVI/Analog dual video output

CVI106MV6 - 720p HD-CVI Camera

  • 720p HD-CVI Outdoor Dome Camera
  • 1/2.9-inch Pixelplus CMOS (PO3100) image sensor
  • 1.3 megapixel, 1280x720@25/30fps
  • Equipped with 2.8-12mm VF lens
  • 36pcs F5 IR LEDs, IR distance 30-35M
  • BLC / HLC / DWDR (Digital WDR)
  • Max. 500M transmission range by coaxial cable
  • IP66 rated outdoor design
  • Built-in IR-CUT filter and OSD menu
CVI106MV6 - 720p HD-CVI Camera

Choosing security cameras, 720p or 1080p

Currently, we have 720p, 960p, 1080p three main different image resolution in AHD/TVI/CVI products. In television broadcasting and video surveillance industry, 720p and 1080p belong to HDTV standard. 1080p means a resolution of 1920x1080, or 2MP (2 Megapixel). 1080p is the highest resolution among them, a full high definition image is two times larger than 720p image. Although 1080p cameras are better in terms of image quality, using 720p cameras can offer you some other benefits. The cost of 720p cameras is lower and the image quality is still impressive. Lower resolution will take up less space and give you longer history.

Benefits of using motorized vari-focal lens

Motorized Lens— Controlled remotely, easy to refocus! For HD cameras, lens could be easily out of focus due to heavy rain,wind or any other vibrations, which would require installers to refocus the lens every 2-3 months. When using normal lens, installers would have to be on site to adjust the lens, but with Motorized Lens, installers could just re-focus the lens remotely in control room.

4 IN 1 Camera (Hybrid TVI/CVI/AHD/Analog)

4IN1 cameras allow user to choose different video signal formats by pushing the joystick. Pushing the Joystick to the selected direction and hold for 5 seconds; e.g. Push the Joystick to "H" and hold for 5 seconds, the video signal will be switched to AHD mode.

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