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  • 1080P (2MP) CCTV Cameras HD-TVI/HD-CVI/AHD

    HD-TVI 5 Megapixel Camera Solution

    Image resolution is an important fact when users plan to setup video surveillance systems. Generally, the higher resolution, the higher image quality, this means captured video can provide detailed information, which can be very useful to identify people face, vehicle plate number, money transaction, etc.

  • Analog HD technologies - AHD, HDTVI, HDCVI, ccHDtv, HDMDI

    HD-over-coaxial Solution - ccHDtv

    HD-over-coaxial solution prevails in analog video surveillance applications. Alf Chang - the a&s Consultant published his studies about the different analog high definition technologies including 960H, HD-CVI, ccHDtv, HD-MDI, HD-SDI and HD-TVI. Multiple HD-over-coaxial technologies coexist, inevitably brings some confusions to end-users, security installer, security integrators.

  • Eyenix ISP for IP/HD-SDI/EX-SDI/TVI Cameras

    Eyenix ISP - HD-CVI/TVI/SDI

    Eyenix is a Korean based video signal processing solution provider, Eyenix specializes in developing, manufacturing, marketing HD-SDI and EX-SDI image signal processors. Eyenix chips feature image restoration, pattern recognition, image stabilization, motion detection, image scaling etc functions. Additionally, the recent launched high-performance Eyenix HD-ISP can integrate different video encoder engines to provide IP camera solution.

  • HDCVI 1Megapixel PTZ speed dome camera 20x zoom with IR

    HDCVI 20X PTZ Dome Camera

    HDCVI technology continues to add more and more products in the range of analog HD surveillance system. This new HDCVI PTZ dome camera offers 720P HD resolution, maximum 1.0 megapixel. It has 20x optical zoom block camera and supports 16x digital zoom.

    This camera is based on Sony Exmor 1/3 inch progressive scan CMOS image sensor. Equipped with big zoom lens from 4.2mm to 85.9mm. Utilizing the 24V AC for its power supply, and this model comes with 5A power adapter included. HDCVI PTZ camera supports video, audio and RS232 signal transmission over single coaxial cable, which in turn, makes installation become much easier and reduced the installation cost.

    This camera has 50 preset positions, and 4 patterns. Camera support endless horizontal rotation of 360 degree and vertically rotation of 90 degrees with auto flip feature. By the way, this camera included with ceiling mounted bracket. By the way, it has 3D position feature, this feature can allow users to make a squre in a given area and the camera will automatically move and will focus on this area.

    This camera can be controlled both iPhone and Android are able to control the camera remotely when connected to DVR HDCVI. With the simple touch of touch can control cameras hdcvi right, left, up or down with ease. Camera offers ICR filter and infrared LEDs for night time recording up to 70 meters. This device can be used both outside and inside and necessarily must be used with a HDCVI DVR.

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  • HDCVI sustainable growth Honeywell launched HDCVI products

    HD video surveillance monitoring room

    Global video surveillance market has new changes. According to IHS survey, the sales turnover of network camera is two times higher than the total sales of analog products. If count the market share, network has already occupied 40%.

    Resulting in price and quantity of unequal proportion, mainly because the price of coaxial HD products are relatively cheaper than network products, slightly higher than the price of conventional products. Analog HD products are ideal for selling in distribution channels, they are very popular among customers from residential, retail, commercial etc small and medium video surveillance projects. So some experts and manufacturers reckon that although the network camera is the mainstream, but the introduction of high-definition cameras slows down the speed which network cameras rapidly occupy market share.

  • What are the advantages of HD-CVI Camera

    HD-CVI standards High Definition Composite Video Interface, its latest HD standard for analog surveillance system. It can achieve 720P/1080P HD video transmission over coaxial cable.

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