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Starvis Starlight IP Camera Performance

Starvis Starlight IP Camera Can See What You Can Not See

In the surveillance market today, a common complaint from customers is that they are not satisfied with the night view capability of the cameras. However, solutions that can solve this problem already exist—Sony developed in 2015 the STARVIS image sensor, also known as Starlight sensor, for enhancing night view visibility for cameras.

With the STARVIS sensor already available, A-MTK has developed STARVIS cameras and now owns a complete product line based on the sensor.

How STARVIS Differentiates

The STARVIS excels in capturing images in low-light environments. Designed for industrial applications, the new backside-illuminated CMOS sensor boasts extremely high sensitivity that can capture usable images in detail at night.

By extending the sensitivity of this sensor beyond the visible light range into the near-infrared range, Sony is able to bring enhanced night vision through this sensor.

“It features a sensitivity of 2000 mV or more per 1 µm2, and realizes high picture quality in the visible-light and near infrared light regions,” Sony says.

A-MTK is well-known for its ability to offer high standard and reliable cameras as well as new solutions that can stand out from competition. Besides a complete H.264 STARVIS product line, A-MTK also owns a complete H.265 STARVIS product line, also known as High Efficiency Video Coding, that sets it apart from other companies.

What is the difference between H.264 and H.265?

Efficiency is the answer. The less data a codec can use to display an image without degrading its quality, the more efficient it is. If codec A and codec B both display the same image quality, but the size of A's file is fifty percent smaller, then A is more efficient. Test results show that with the new Video Coding, up to fifty percent bit-rate can be saved.

With superior IP Cameras leveraging the STARVIS sensor and software capability, A-MTK can be your valuable partner in the surveillance industry.


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