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Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS)

Cloud IP Camera - VSaaS and Cloud Storage

According to the market analysis report from IHS, video surveillance as a service (VSaaS) or cloud-based security systems become the latest trend in security industry. All these because of the wide spreading usage of IP-based security systems that are able to transmit alarm or video data to remote server, while companies can provide services such as alarm monitoring and data analysis, as well as cloud storage to consumers. VSaaS refers to cloud based Internet recording of security camera video. It is usually delivered as sound and motion triggered recordings, that can be accessed remotely using the time/day stamps for forensics or real time monitoring. 

The DIRECTV acquired LifeShield is a good example. DIRECTV is a satellite TV provider, now the company offers TV entertainment service fully integrated the home security technology. Consumers just need to pay a regular monthly fee to monitor their homes and small businesses, user may get home security system for free. Nowadays, security companies shift from selling security equipment to offering security service. The VSaaS market is so huge, the industry was estimated to be worth US$759.5 million in 2013 and is forecast to reach $1.3 billion by 2017. On the other hand, the VSaaS enables Internet companies to join the competition of video surveillance market, that's the reason why Google acquired Nest, Apple launched Apple HomeKit protocol.

Video Surveillance Cloud Service

Not merely for video surveillance system, the VSaaS solutions are being used in conjunction with other services to provide a more complete or customized solution." said Aaron Dale, Analyst for video surveillance at IHS. The other services that are commonly integrated with VSaaS solutions include access control, home automation, intruder alarm, energy management, smart building, point of sale (PoS).  The VSaaS solution is ideal for small business at single or multiple locations such as convenience stores, gas stations, retail stores, and small offices. However, the growth is highly potential from a typical end customer that is in the retail segment, for example an alarm subscriber and/or a business with small and dispersed sites. So far, small and medium business are the major adopter of cloud-based surveillance solutions.

Cloud storage allows end-users to eliminate hardware investment for video storage to their IP cameras. Once consumers choose to use cloud storage, data analytic become possible, consumers will have other options including the intelligent video analytic service (face recognition, motion detection, license plate recognition and retail statistics), smart alert notification service (push notification, emails).  Some IP cameras come with 7 days free cloud storage monthly subscription service, while some IP cameras support universal cloud storage services, they are able to upload the video archive to Youtube or Dropbox.

How does the IP camera connect to cloud server? The fast and simple method is using the IP camera with built-in cloud service, i.e. Oco IP camera has built-in Ivideon, Dropcam has Dropcam’s cloud service, just follow the instructions, user can setup and install cloud-based Oco IP camera within 5 minutes, and the camera can connect to cloud server instantly without additional configuration, After the successful connection, users can access cameras, watch the live video and archive records from anywhere.

Ivideon Connects Oco IP Camera

For other IP cameras, users need to setup and configure IP cameras as described in their user manuals, then download and install PC Cloud Server Software (can turn your computer into software-based video surveillance DVR system, it is fully integrated with cloud surveillance and storage service) in their computers. Run the PC Cloud Server Software, add your IP cameras to software. That's all, your IP cameras will connect to cloud server. Alternatively, IP cameras can connect to cloud server via FTP protocol, almost all IP cameras support FTP protocol.

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