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Smart HD Network Camera

No.1 DIY HD network camera for home and shop

Unifore, the No.1 DIY HD network camera manufacturer released a new product in its smart HD network camera portfolio. Modern, sleek, D1001 smart HD camera offers modern surveillance beyond security. It's a modern, state-of-the-art security system to protect your home and business. The camera employs latest video technology to deliver HD video with 1280x720 resolution. It is more than a conventional network camera, incorporating with different kinds of security detectors. Users can extend the system not only for video surveillance purpose, but also for burglar deterrent, perimeter protection, burglar and fire alarm.

  • 1.0 megapixel progressive CMOS image sensor
  • Compact design
  • 355 degree pan and 125 degree tilt rotation
  • Real-time H.264 and MPEG compression
  • 1280x720 @ 30fps
  • Two-way audio
  • Temperature & humidity monitoring and alert
  • Built-in MicroSD/SDHC Card Slot for On-board Storage
  • Built-in 10M/100M self-adaptive RJ45 port
  • Built-in IEEE 802.11b/g/n WLAN

Customize your wireless alarm system

Since a network camera is a small compact computer, you may expect it can do more than just deliver HD video. This is a smart camera, it has built-in microphone and speaker, allows you to actively communicate with anyone anywhere, anytime. Do you want to monitor doors in your home?  Do you want to be alerted before an intruder enters into your grocery shop?  Unlike other network cameras that merely offer video based motion detection, the D1001 can also work with a wide range of security detectors to provide adequate protection for your premises. 

Furthermore, the installation of the system is pretty easy, enjoy the freedom to DIY your own security system. No monthly monitoring fee, no recurring fee, and it's cost-effective. Just spending US$4, you can get a high quality wireless door/window sensor. A wireless PIR motion sensor only costs you US$8.

Using our security camera, you can design a customized security system:

HD camera - the hub of the system, broadcasting HD video on Internet, users can watch HD video, receiving alarm signals from all wireless detectors. Sending alerts to users once an emergency occur. Certainly, it will make warning sound when alarm is triggered.

Door/Window Sensor - offering perimeter protection, ideal for doors and windows. It can be first defense line of your security system. Alarming before intruders break-in. The lowest false alarm rate, we high recommend you to use some door/window sensors.

PIR motion sensor - interior space protection, 24 hours human movement detection, it's highly reliable security detector.

Smoke detector - detects the density of smoke,triggering fire alarm once density reaches the threshold. A standalone detectors that makes warning sound, meanwhile LED keeps flashing. 

Security Sensor
Figure 1. Unifore D1001 works with a wide range of security detectors.

Unlike other smart network cameras, the D1001 comes with a detachable Antenna which has up to 2 meter length cable. This user-friendly design not only helps to increase the RF signal reception distance, but also adds the flexibility to position the camera. Likely, you can get a good strength RF signal anywhere in your house. 

HD camera comes with detachable antenna
Figure 2. Unifore D1001 comes with a detachable RF antenna to increase the RF signal reception distance.

We have another useful tip for you. As this HD camera supports pan & tilt rotation and preset positions. User can assign the detector with a preset position. Once the detector is triggered, the camera will automatically rotate to designated preset position. Well, you will know what exactly happen in the breached place.

Smart wireless alarm integration

Unifore creatively combines the smart HD camera and the wireless alarm system together to offer an integrated solution. You can pair the HD camera to a wireless alarm system. Upon alarm is triggered, you will be alerted by instant push notification or email with attached photos. The HD video surveillance + monitored alarm solution offers you a great flexibility when you plan to secure and protect very important places.

Flexible video recording options

Offering multiple video recording options, allowing you choose the best way to store video footage. The camera has built-in microSDHC/TF card slot which supports up to 128G capacity. 128G TF card can continuously record up to 12 days with 1280x720 resolution. If you want to expand the video recording days, you can set recording modes to schedule, motion-activated or alarm-activated. Certainly, you can record the video footage on your smartphone and computer. Alternatively, the network camera can connect to network video recorder for professional video recording.

Built-in microSDHC/TF card slot to support on-board video recording
Figure 3. Built-in microSDHC/TF card slot to support on-board video recording

Manage multiple network cameras on your computer

If you want to monitor several different places with installed multiple network cameras, you can use our central monitoring station software. The CMSClient software can run on any computers based on Windows OS. This freeware provides centralized video surveillance solution to you. It allows you to monitor up to 64 network cameras simultaneously. Previewing, recording, playback, this freeware event supports remote configuration.

Central Monitoring Station
Figure 4. CMSClient software allows you to manage up to 64 network cameras on Windows PC.


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