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Network Security Cameras: ePTZ vs PTZ

Many users know the difference between ePTZ and PTZ. However, not all people can point out what the advantages and disadvantages they have. Overall, the PTZ camera is better than an ePTZ camera, as the PTZ camera can provide approximate 360 degree viewing angle, while maintaining the image quality by incorporating with optical zoom.

Before to know the difference, we may start from the acronyms out of the way. PTZ stands for pan-tilt-zoom, and ePTZ is the acronym of electronic pan-tilt-zoom, ePTZ also referred as digital PTZ or virtual PTZ. Typically, a PTZ camera adopts the design that consisting of a optical zoom camera module sits on a mechanical rotating device. On the other hand, the ePTZ is achieved by using software. So, what are the main distinctions?

Optical Zoom
Optical Zoom

PTZ Pros and Cons

  • Covering a near 360 degree large area by using pan/tilt rotation
  • Only covering a part of region at a time
  • Using optical zoom, maintaining the highest image quality when zoom in.
  • Outdoor long distance video surveillance 
  • Applications that require face, car plate license number and other objects identification
  • Heavy-duty structure,complex installation when comparing to ePTZ cameras

ePTZ Pros and Cons

  • Covering a near 360 degree large area by using fisheye lens
  • Having your entire area covered
  • Digital zoom, zoom in will enlarge the pixels, image quality decreases significantly
  • Indoor short distance but wide video surveillance
  • Some PTZ cameras also can support ePTZ function, yet the ePTZ camera can not support conventional PTZ function.
  • Lightweight design, easy to install
5x Digital Zoom
5x Digital Zoom


Both PTZ and ePTZ resolves a particular need of the end user. A 1080P PTZ cameras probably suit the majority of buyers. Most 360° panoramic cameras support ePTZ, since the image sensor of panoramic camera needs to handle several times higher data than a conventional camera, if you look for a panoramic camera, intending to obtain the high image quality we recommend you to choose the one that support at lease 5 megapixel resolution. 

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