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Hisilicon SoC/Processor

Hi3516E - New IP Camera Solution Supports 1080p H.265

According to Hisilicon roadmap, the company released Hi3516E, which is a cost-effective HD video processor can support 1080p resolution video processing along with H.265/HEVC encoding technology. Just like its predecessor - Hi3518E, new processor will be widely applied to IP video surveillance application. In addition to DDR integration to lower cost and power consumption, Hi3516E adopts the latest image signal processor which employs a new software algorithm can eliminate over-exposure when shoot short distance object under Infrared illuminating condition.

It means when security camera turns on IR lighting, the camera can clearly capture features of people's face, this makes people identification become easier. As H.265 or HEVC is an inevitable trend in digital video surveillance field, Hi3516E also support it. H.265 can at least double video compression ratio, hence can greatly reduce file size/bitrate, as a result bringing you a system that consumes less network bandwidth and storage space.

Key features:

ARM926@800 MHz
1920 x 1080@20 fps+720 x 576@20 fps H.265 MP encoding;
Max.2-Mega Pixel sensor input
Local tone mapping
64MB integrated DDR

Regarding to its video encoding capability, the new SoC can support 1080P@20fps+VGA@20fps almost real-time hardware video encoding. Unifore is pround to release Hi3516E based 1080p camera which has built-in microphone and speaker to support 2-way audio talk, it also comes with a 2.4G (802.11 b/g/n) Wi-Fi module, motorized lens, smart dual-lighting interface.

Hi3516E Reduces Exposure on Face
Hi3516E Captures Vivid Color Video in Daytime
Hi3516E Outdoor Sample Image

Dual lighting interface means the camera can has IR and whitelight, can switch on/off smartly. When motion alarm occurs, cameras can turn on white light to deter intruders, and IR will turn on when camera works at night or under low illuminating condition. By the way, Hi3516E will support new ONVIF standard, it inherits new generation ISP technology just like Hi3516CV300, the 3D noise reduction performance is excellent. Image enhancement also keeps entire image with high clarity.

Hi3516E Night Color Sample Image
Unifore Hi3516E Night Sample Image
Other Brand 1080p Camera Night Sample Image
Other Brand 1080p Camera Night Sample Image

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