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Dahua 3MP WiFi Camera

Dahua 3MP WiFi Pan/Tilt Camera IPC-A35 Review

Dahua ranks as top second video surveillance manufacturer in China, it’s a stock listed company in Shenzhen SME Board. The company basically follows up the strategies that implemented by Hikvision. After seeing the success of Hikvision’s domestic brand EZVIZ, Dahua also created a sub-brand – Lecheng (乐橙). Now Chinese consumers can buy Dahua products from Lechang online store.  

When we search "WiFI cameras review" on google,   "The Best Home Security Cameras of 2016", "5 Best Wireless IP Camera System in 2016 Reviews" and more similar articles rank top among search results. However, we don’t think those so called "Best" cameras will suitable for everyone, as the industry experts said “Each WiFi camera should be tailored to you and your business”. Therefore, although Dahua is our major rival, we are pleased to share you the review about Dahua’s latest WiFi camera.

Dahua IPC-A35 (Lecheng TP1S) is a 3-megapixel WiFi pan/tilt camera that recently launched. Asmag magazine wrote that the camera provided the best value for the money. The listed price for this camera is US$75 in Lecheng online store. This camera inherits the design of its predecessor, however upgraded the resolution from 720p to 3-megapixel by utilizing a 1/3” 3 megapixel CMOS image sensor.

The new image sensor enables camera to deliver Full HD 1080p video, its effective pixel reaches up to 2304x1536, which is 1.5 times higher than 1080p resolution. Featuring a 3.6mm full-glass material lens, the camera can capture crystal clear image. According to the test result,  the measured horizontal resolution can reach 1000TVL, and its vertical resolution is 1050TVL, it is approximate 30% higher than 1080p camera.

Dahua 3MP WiFi Camera - Resolution
Resolution Test Result

The core processor still leverages Ambarella high performance SoC, no wonder this camera can provide clear image with high dynamic range (HDR) color, image grayscale level can reach 16, WDR performance is good, and few image noise under low-light condition. We set the room’s lighting to 5Lux intending to test its low light performance, the image captured by camera was still colorful and with high contrast, the cute doll clearly represent.  We kept reducing the illumination to 1Lux, camera turned on Infrared LEDs, image automatically switched to B/W mode, and image keeps clean, no noise. As a note the specification for the IPC-A35 camera says it provides 0.46Lux (color) low illumination performance. The test matched this specification.

Dahua 3MP WiFi Camera - WDR
WDR Test Result

In addition to the major image capturing capability, Dahua IPC-A35 has integrated with wireless modules to work with 433MHz security detectors. Yes, we are the first manufacturer who decided to combine the video surveillance and alarm detection together. Now it seems it becomes an universal function has been supported by many WiFi cameras from different brands. Unlike the camera + Z-Wave/ZigBee integration, this wireless integration is cost effective and also the easiest way to offer intrusion detection and fire prevention to users.

Having the 433MHz transceiver, the camera is able to connect with up to 16 wireless security detectors, Dahua claimed the product utilized its exclusive wireless transmission technology to ensure the stability of connection, also its transmission distance can reach 80 meters in open space.

Dahua IPC-A35 (Lecheng TP1S) is a pan/tilt camera, supporting horizontal 355 degree pan, and 90 degree rotation. It also supports preset function, once a security detector triggers alarm, the camera will rotate to preset position. Dedicated to home usage, users can receive the push notification and email when it detects any suspicious activity.

Dahua IPC-A35 is a plastic housing camera just for indoor usage, it is suitable for desktop, ceiling and wall mount installation. The camera’s dimension is 94mmx94mmx94mm, and weight is 215g, so small that it can fit in the palm of your hand. 

As usual, it comes with free App for Android and iOS smartphone or tablet, the App supports preview, snapshot, audio intercom, record, pre-record, share video etc functions. Pressing the left, right, up, down arrows, you can easily rotate the camera to any angle. The app allows users to choose HD and SD two different resolution mode. In HD mode (1080p video), the bitrate is approximate 50-80KB/S. In SD mode, the stream bitrate is 30-50KB/S. Even in 4G cellular mode, the video can play smoothly, no buffer, no delay.

Dahua 3MP WiFi Camera - Rear Panel
Rear Panel Design

In terms of hardware design, the camera has a microphone and speaker built-in to support audio intercom function; Power jack is located on rear panel, supporting DC5V 2A power input; it has RJ45 port design to support both hard-wired and WiFi/wireless (802.11 b/g/n)  network connection. Having a reset button on rear panel, also a microSDHC TF card slot to support maximum 128GB edge video storage.

Lastly, the camera can support Lecheng Cloud storage plan, or you can connect the cmera to Dahua NVR for video storage. Domestic users can apply 90 days cloud storage for free.

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