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50 Home Security/Safety Tips and tricks to Prevent Burglary and Avoid Safety Accidents

There’s no place like home and that’s exactly why protecting it should be your number one priority. Taking proactive measures to keep your family safe takes planning and with the help of professionals like your friends at Unifore, it is easily done. Unifore’s mission is to offer cutting edge home security systems that keep you one step ahead of the “wrong doers” and is your first step to securing your home. Yes, we sell home security systems but we want to give you even more ways to stay safe. Here are 50 security/safety tips and tricks to keep your family secure and safe at home.

25 Tips and Tricks to Keep a Secure Home

Burglarize yourself! You may be surprised how many burglars walk through an unlocked door, break a window or unlatch an older lock. If you can do it, so can a burglar.
Install a wireless security camera and a home security camera system like those at Unifore that includes a DVR allowing you to record both audio and video of your home whenever you need to.
Lock your home all the times whether you are there or not.
Secure a window air conditioner from the inside so a burglar cannot remove it from the window,
Conceal your valuables. Keep expensive cars in the closed garage, cover windows to prevent peeping toms and watch what you put in the garbage that reveals expensive purchases. According to an article by Lifehacker.com, ” the goal isn’t to make your house look completely break-in proof. It’ simply to make it a less attractive target than others in the neighborhood.”
Make your home look occupied all the time. Put lights and radios on timers so they go on and off throughout the day and night.
Add lights with sensors so when someone approaches your house the lights will turn on. Products like those at Unifore have advanced motion detection and alert features to keep you updated on your property at all times.
If you lose your house keys, change your locks immediately.
Add a key pad lock to your home so entry can only be accessed with a personal identification number…no keys needed. Never share the combination.
Hide a spare key in a secret spot. For example, put in an envelope and hide in a box in the garage. Don’t put a spare under the welcome mat or in the mailbox.
Talk to your neighbors if you are going on vacation so they can keep an eye on your property, gather your mail and take a walk through the home.
Ask neighbors who are at home during the day to watch for suspicious activity in the neighborhood.
Secure sliding glass doors, by placing a metal bar or wood handle in the middle bottom track.
Hide wires on any security system or camera so intruders cannot cut and deactivate them. Consider an Unifore wireless security camera system that requires no wires.
Keep vacation plans off of social media: Don’t announce your big trip to all your “online friends.” It’s an invitation for burglars to visit while you’re away.
Evaluate landscaping. Work with a landscaper to attractively and safely design your property.
Avoid privacy fences. Intruders like houses with features that obstruct their view from neighbors.
Adopt a dog; A barking dog is a great deterrent to burglars.
Use a firearm: If you have a gun, know your area’s laws, practice using it, create a plan of action and hide it in a concealed location.
Contact law enforcement. Ask a police officer to visit your home and give you advice on improving its security and getting input of what to do if someone breaks into your home.
Start a neighborhood watch group so someone is always “on duty” watching for suspicious activity. Inform and involve the local law officials of the group.
Have mace or hornet spray by your bed to use on intruders. Mace is effective but hornet spray is even better because it sprays much farther.
Keep bedroom doors open at night so it’s easier to hear movement in the home.
Keep a phone and flashlight by your bed so if there is an intruder you can call 911.
Have a plan of action. Practice role playing and what should happen in the event an intruder breaks into the home. All family members should be prepared.

25 Tips and Tricks to Keep a Safety Family

Now that we are prepared with home security, let’s continue on with some quick home safety tips. According to the Home Safety Council, home accidents cause 20,000 deaths in the United States annually. Here are 25 dyi home safety tips and tricks to avoid safety accidents at home.

Keep an easy to use fire extinguisher handy.
Keep kitchen safe with a fool proof oven mit.
Keep a stocked first aid kit handy.
Use grab bars in the bathroom.
Use slip proof area rugs in the bathroom and kitchen.
Make sure fire detectors are up to code and up to date.
Program emergency contact numbers and poison control numbers into your phone.
Develop and practice a fire escape plan for your family.
Clean out your fire place and chimney to prevent fires.
Baby proof the house if little ones are in your lives. Cover electrical outlets, secure shelves to the walls, etc.
Use non skid pads on the backs of area rugs.
Use night lights to prevent falls. Put a flash light in your night stand.
Store cleaners away from food. Lock in a closet if possible.
Keep curtains and window treatments away from heating elements.
Fix cracked sidewalks and pavement to prevent falls.
Remove all items from stairway to prevent trips and falls.
Check smoke alarms on frequently.
Take medication correctly and pay attention to doses.
Dispose of outdated medication properly.
Never leave a burning candle unattended.
Unplug appliances that aren’t in use.
Don’t carry knives and sharp items facing you.
Keep all windows closed and locked.
Maintain your home’s furnace, water heater, wiring etc.
Don’t overload outlets with cords.

Planning and preparation are the keys to staying safe and secure at home. These 50 DIY security tips and tricks are a great start to a safe and secure new year.

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