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4-megapixel 2.4G 5G Wi-Fi PTZ Camera SSC30KD

4-Megapixel/2K 2.4G+5G Wi-Fi Wireless PTZ Dome Outdoor Camera SSC30KD Solution

Introducing you the latest IP camera module MY-E40 for 4-megapixel wireless PTZ dome outdoor camera featuring 2.4G and 5G Wi-Fi.

SigmaStar/Mstar SSC30KD SoC

SigmaStar/Mstar SSC33X series product portfolio covers 2MP-4K/8MP resolution IP camera solutions, the product portfolio includes SSC336D/336Q/30KQ/338Q/338G/339G. SSC336D/Q supports 3-megapixel 30fps, embedded with 1Gb (SSC336D) or 2Gb (SSC336Q) DDR, 0.5Tops AI computation capability. SSC30KD/KQ, supporting 5-megapixel 30fps, embedded with 1Gb (SSC30KD) or 2Gb (SSC30KQ) DDR, 0.5Tops AI computation capability. SSC338Q, maximum 4K/8-megapixel resolution 20fps, embedded with 2Gb DDR, 0.5Tops AI computation capability. SSC338G maximum 4K@20fps, external single or dual DDR3 SDRAM, supported maximum memory size up to 8Gb, 1Tops AI computation capability. SSC339G, maximum 4K@30fps, external single or dual DDR3, maximum 8Gb, 1Tops AI computation capability.

Dual Wi-Fi band (2.4G + 5G)

This new IP camera module adopts the latest Wi-Fi module which supports both 2.4G and 5G Wi-Fi bands, this feature helps manufacturers to develop wireless PTZ dome camera that working with dual-band Wi-Fi wireless AP or routers. The product still works when your environment only has 5G Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi module complies IEEE802.11 a/b/g/n, 2.4G supports maximum 300Mbps, 5G supports maximum 433Mbps.

Dual-light function

White light + Infra-red light design provides excellent night vision performance. The visible white light can illuminate the monitored area and enable camera to capture color image under dark environment. Additionally, white light can deter intruders effectively. The invisible Infra-red light can help camera to capture clear B/W image under low illumination and completely dark environment.

Product features

  • SSC30KD cost-effective ARM SoC
  • 1/3” progressive scan CMOS image sensor
  • 4-megapixel resolution
  • Triple illumination mode: dual-light, full-color, Infra-red
  • Supporting both Wi-Fi and Ethernet
  • H.265+ smart video codec, reducing bandwidth load
  • Supporting pan and tilt (PT) rotation, preset position
  • Supporting 2-way audio intercom
  • Built-in microSD/SDHX memory card slot
  • Supporting APP remote view and control
  • Humanoid tracking, smart humanoid detection, sound detection

Product Specification

  • Model: MY-E40
  • Image sensor: 1/3” 4-megapixel progressive scan starlight CMOS
  • Video compression: H.265+/H.265/H.264, bitrate 0.1M-2Mbps adjustable
  • Image output: main stream 2560x1440, 2304x1296, 1920x1080, 1280x720
  • Image output: sub-stream 640x360
  • Audio I/O: 1 channel microphone input, 1 channel audio output (with amplifier, 8Ohm 2Watt)
  • Audio compression: G.711
  • Network peripheral: 1x RJ45, 10/100M auto adaptive
  • Memory card: microSD/SDHC, maximum 512GB
  • Wireless Wi-Fi: 2.4GHz + 5GHz
  • Wireless standard: IEEE802.11 a/b/g/n
  • Reset: reset button for hardware reset, software reset
  • Illumination peripheral: integrated with dual-light driver circuit
  • Reliability: Voltage surge protection for both network and power input, IEC61000-4-5
  • Network protocol: TCP/IP, UDP, Ipv4, DHCP, RTSP, P2P
  • App: AC18Pro for both iOS and Android smart devices
  • Power input: DC12V
  • Power rate: >=1.44Watt
  • Working temperature: -20°C – 65°C

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