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Wireless Outdoor Solar Siren 433/868MHz

Wireless Outdoor Solar Siren 433/868MHz for Burglar Theft Alarm Monitoring System

The wireless solar siren allows you to setup a complete wireless alarm system. No cable connection to alarm panel, no power cable. The siren comes with 110dB sounder and strobe lights (LEDs), it's an essential add-on device to your wireless alarm system for burglar deterrent.  Additionally, it's powered by high-efficient Silicon solar panel and built-in backup rechargeable battery to provide no-stop power. Once the siren wall-mounted, you will not be worried to replace the battery.

Compared with traditional strobe siren, it has several unique designs, it adopts waterproof design to be suitable for indoor and outdoor installation; it has tamper switch to against vandalism. Apart from making noise warning sound and strobe light, the siren can show its working status through flicking per five seconds. 

Additionally, when alarm system is Activated/Deactivated, it will make short sound to remind users (you can enable/disable this function on alarm panel). This solar powered siren supports 433MHz/868MHz wireless alarm system. 

This solar powered wireless siren can not only make alarm installation become easier, but also offer you an eco-friendly and low-power consumption solution for residential/commercial alarm system.

An effectively installed siren can:

  • Warn family members of an attempted break-in while at home
  • Deter an intruder from breaking-in
  • Alert neighbors and nearby businesses that there is an emergency in your house
  • Shorten the amount of time an intruder spends in the home because of the unpleasant noise and pitch of the siren

Primary Features

  • Model SO-816
  • High conversion rate Silicon solar panel powered device
  • No wiring required, a completely wire-free security siren
  • 110 dB Piezo Siren + Strobe LEDs to offer Visual & Audible deterrent
  • Built-in high capacity rechargeable Ni–MH battery
  • Eco-friendly, doesn't contain Lead-acid battery
  • Can be mounted indoor and outdoor
  • With removable wall mounted bracket
  • Anti-Tamper Protected
  • 433MHz/868MHz works with wireless alarm system
  • Easy installation and programming

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