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Wi-Fi wireless home alarm monitoring system

Wi-Fi GSM Cellular Backup Alarm/Home Monitoring Automation System

Wisen WiFi wireless alarm system is the innovative security & home automation system based on Wi-Fi and cellular (GSM) technologies. The system adopts 433MHz/868MHz wireless frequency to communicate with wireless security sensors and home automation devices.

Wisen is a smart security system, it works with PIR motion sensor, door/window sensor, flood sensor, smoke sensor to provide you a complete security solution including intrusion, fire, flood, gas leak detection.

Wisen is a smart home automation system, it works with up to 19 wireless smart plugs, light holders. Allow user to remotely turn on/off home appliances from anywhere.

This system works with SIM card and Wi-Fi connection. Once an alarm is triggered, user will receive push notification and SMS on their smartphone. It's an ideal alarm & security system for home, shop, warehouse, garage, office, yacht and more places where require smart security protection and automation. Wisen's settings can be done through smartphone App, and we offers touch keypad (with/without RFID) to work with this system.

Wisen is an innovative wireless security system which is based on GSM and Wi-Fi technologies for reliable alarm connection. Wisen can work with wide range of security sensors and smart remote sockets. Users can remotely control the system through included free smartphone App.

Wisen is modern design security system, mini compact design, it can be mounted on wall in anywhere. It has built-in GSM cellular communicator (Quad band, 850/900/1800/1900MHz) and Wi-Fi communication module. The system can use both GSM and Internet for alarm transmission. This system will automatically switch between between GSM and Wi-Fi when one of connection lost.

Wisen has 30 wireless zones, it can work with up to 120 wireless sensors including door/window sensor, PIR motion sensor, flood sensor and more. Additionally, it can work with 99 wireless remote sockets. This is a wireless system, it adopts 433MHz/868MHz frequency to communicate with each devices. By the way, it has 4 hardwired zones which allow users to connect hardwired detectors.

This system supports all the advance alarm features including alarm delay, arm delay, siren time setting, zone attribute, alarm log...ect. Furthermore, it supports smart automation function, press the scene buttons on Wisen alarm panel, you can achieve the smart home automation scene as you want. Utilizing the smart plug/socket, you can turn on/off lights, home appliances, and other electronic devices.

Configuration and control from your smartphone (Android, iPhone), only required three simple steps to setup your own REALLY smart wireless security system. Most importantly, you don't need to pay monthly monitoring fee.

Download the Wisen Alarm System Manual

Smart Home Automation

Imagine that you forget to turn off your television when you leave away from home, now with Wisen system, you swipe on your smartphone to turn off the television or cut off the power of any home appliances. Before you are back home at night, you can use smartphone to turn on yard lights and even open garage door. Wisen can allow you to do these tasks easily. The Wisen can support maximum 19 wireless remote plug/sockets.

Smart Automation Plug/Socket

Home/Business Alarm System

Protect your home/business is the primary task for Wisen security system. Through working with different wireless security sensors, the alarm system can protect your home from potential burglary, fire, gas leak, flood and more. Unifore is devoting much time and energy to develop this High-End alarm system, once alarm is triggered, user can receive alerts through smartphone, SMS, auto-dial phone call. This system can program up to five personal phone numbers and one central monitoring station phone number to receive alerts. It's suitable for both do-it-yourself users and professional installers.

Smart Home Alarm System with App

Do-it-yourself Security System

Wisen is a do-it-yourself alarm system, we design this system to meet the demands for DIY users. The system comes with wall-mounted bracket, you can mount this system on your front door or bedroom. Every configuration can be done through smartphone App. Once the system connects to Internet or GSM, user can access it through smartphone. You can add/delete sensors, set receiving alarm phone numbers, siren yelling time, entry/exit delay, Bypass zone...etc. The alarm system can send message to users, no need to monitoring service subscription, no contract and no monthly monitoring fee. Lastly, it's compatible with CID (Contact ID) protocol, this allows user to use third-party's monitoring service.

Do-it-yourself (DIY) Alarm System

Get the Smart Home System

We offer different packs to your specific requirement.

  • Wisen (Standard)
  • $0/Set

    • Includes one Wi-Fi + GSM alarm panel
    • 1x D/W sensor, 1x PIR, 2x keyfob
    • 30 wireless zones, 4 wired zones
    • 5 personal phone No. 1 CMS No.
    • DIY, self-monitoring
    • Free App
  • WiFi GSM Alarm Kit
  • STD Wisen
  • +25/Set

    • Inlcudes 1 Wi-Fi + GSM panel, 1x D/W sensor
    • 1x PIR, 2x keyfob, 1x Smart plug/socket
    • 1x Wireless touch keypad with RFID
    • 30 wireless zones, 4 wired zones
    • 5 personal phone No. 1 CMS No.
    • Free App
  • Home Safety Standard Kit

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Wi-Fi GSM Alarm System
Wi-Fi GSM Alarm System
Wi-Fi GSM Alarm System
Wi-Fi GSM Alarm System - White/Black Color
Wisen Wireless Alarm System Kit

Technical Specification

  • Operation through keypad, smartphone App
  • Working power: AC/DC adapter, 100~240V, DC12V
  • Alarm current: <150mA
  • Zone capacity: 30 wireless, 4 hardwired
  • Supported sensors: 8x wireless LCD keypad/keyfob, 116 wireless security sensors
  • GSM frequency: 850/900/1800/1900M
  • GSM transmission power: <2W
  • WiFi frequency: 2.4G, IEEE802.11b/g TCP/IP
  • WiFi sensitivity: receiving -86dbm, transmitting -18dbm
  • Backup battery: 3.7V/1200mAH, standby above 12 hours
  • Wireless frequency: 433MHz/868MHz
  • Wireless distance: >100 meters
  • Alarm protocol: ADEMCO Contact ID (CID)
  • Supported system: Android, iPhone, iPad
  • Installation: Wall-mounted