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2MP 1080P IP PoE IP Bullet Camera

XM310/XM320 /XM330 720P/1080P AHD/TVI/CVI Camera Solution

XM stands for Xiong Mai, headquartered in Hangzhou, the company specializes in manufacturing security camera modules and DVR/DVR main-boards which have been supplied to thousand of medium and small factories to assemble final products. The company also runs its own brand –Jufeng, offering a complete range of digital and analog video surveillance equipment.

As the market shrinks, the company starts to eliminate the excess product line, meanwhile utilizing its own ISP (image signal processor) and SoC with brand name XM. Dedicating to 720p and 1080p analog camera solutions, the company offers XM310, XM320 and the latest XM330. For the IP camera solution, the company has XM510 SoC.

1MP 720p AHD Camera XM310 + H42/OV9712

1MP 720P AHD Camera XM310 + OV9712
1MP 720P AHD Camera XM310 + OV9712
  • AHD analog camera module delivers 720p video
  • 1/4” progressive image sensor H42/OV9712
  • Minimum illumination 0.1Lux@F1.2 Color; 0.01Lux@F1.2 B/W
  • Video resolution equals to IP 720p
  • Advanced Y/C signal separation technology, analog filter and 2D noise reduction
  • NTSC/PAL TV system, easy to switch
  • Working with AHD-M DVR 

1.3MP 960P AHD Camera XM310 + H81/SC1135

1.3MP 960P Camera XM310 + SC1135
1.3MP 960P Camera XM310 + SC1135
  • 1.3MP 1/3” low illumination CMOS image sensor H81/SC1135
  • AHD-M resolution, equivalent to IP 720p resolution
  • Excellent low illumination performance Color 0.01Lux; B/W 0.001Lux (F1.2)
  • Equipped with standard M12 3.6mm/6mm lens
  • Remote coaxial control via the DVR 

2MP 1080P AHD Camera XM320 + F02/AR0237/IMX323/SC2135/SC2045

1080P AHD Camera XM320 + IMX323
1080P AHD Camera XM320 + IMX323
  • AHD analog camera module
  • 2.0MP 1080P 1/2.7-inch F02/AR0237 CMOS image sensor
  • TVL resolution is equivalent to IP Full HD 1080p level
  • 2D noise reduction, adance Y/C signal separation technology
  • Color 0.1Lux and B/W 0.01Lux F1.2
  • Remote OSD menu control via DVR 

2MP 1080P AHD/TVI/CVI (3IN1) XM330 + F22

1080P AHD Camera XM330 + F22 CMOS
  • 1080P FHD resolution, clear and fine image
  • Lossless, real-time video transmission without delay
  • Coaxial transmission up to 500 meters
  • Remote OSD menu control via DVR
  • Video signals can be AHD/TVI/CVI
  • Min. illumination color 0.1Lux, B/W 0.01Lux F1.2
  • Lens C/CS interface, M12 is optional 

As the analog products are gradually phased out, 720P/1080P AHD cameras are suitable for low-end market. Therefore we don’t recommend users to use the analog products especially if they want to setup a new video surveillance system. In such a case, IP camera is the best choice, we offer outdoor IP cameras deliver 720p and 960p, 1080p and 4 megapixel, 5 megapixel resolution video, supporting H.264/H.265 compression, featuring 2D+3D noise reduction, WDR, HDR, and on-board video recording, alarm I/O, audio I/O, 3.6mm/6mm/2.8-12mm/3.6-10mm motorized lens.

1080P IP Bullet Camera with PoE
1080P IP Bullet Camera with PoE

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