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SmartSens 4K CMOS Image Sensor

Sony released IMX415 4K CMOS image sensor to replace IMX274

Recently, Sony released a new 4K CMOS image sensor the IMX415, which is a 1/2.8” optical format stacked CMOS image sensor, it becomes the smallest CMOS image sensor supporting 4K resolution in the world. The sensor is target to meet the increasing demand for camera application like home video surveillance, smart city and sports camera.

Currently, the demand for installation of security camera becomes more and more common, the demand for security camera that not only captures 4K resolution video but also comes with small compact size design is strong. In the future, the needs of security camera for AI behavior analysis face recognition, abnormal activity detection applications also will increase significantly. To meet this demand, Sony unveiled a series small size 4K CMOS image sensor that offering extraordinary imaging performance and detection performance, and excellent low light performance that traditional technology couldn’t achieve. Sony has rich CMOS image sensor production line allowing developers to produce cameras that has the capability to capture optimum image under various lighting condition. 

Generally, the smaller the CMOS image sensor, the lower its light sensitivity. Sony newly developed IMX415 stacked CMOS image sensor adopts Sony exclusive high sensitivity and low noise technology, shrink pixel unit to 1.45um, it’s 80% smaller than the predecessor IMX274, set the world record. 1/2.8” stack 4K CMOS image sensor features excellent low illumination performance, its light sensitivity is 1.5 times higher than IMX274, besides, IMX415 employs extreme low noise stack structure, even operating under dim lighting environment, it still sees clearly, as it’s 1/2.8” inch small size format can be easily applied to multiple scene, consequently it fits video surveillance camera requirement perfectly.

  • Model name: IMX415
  • Image size: diagonal 6.42mm (1/2.8 inch)
  • Effective pixels: 3864x2192 (8.46 megapixel)
  • Unit cell size: 1.45um
  • Frame rate: 10bit 90fps, 12bit 60fps
  • Sensitivity: 2048 digits (F5.6 aperture value)
  • Sensor saturation signal level: 3895 digits
  • Voltage: analog 2.9V, digital 1.1V, interface 1.8V
  • Main function: digital overlap HDR (DOL-WDR)
  • Output: MIPI D-PHY 2/4 lanes
  • Color filter array: Bayer array
  • Package: Ceramic LGA 12.0mmx9.3mm

The stacked CMOS technology is newer than traditional Exmor R or BSI. Apparently, the stacked CMOS image sensors are better than Exmor R or BSI CMOS image sensors. The main different is the structure, comparing with Exmor R/BSI, the stacked CMOS is much smaller. Moreover, stacked CMOS sensors added two new kinds of technology to improve image quality and clarity, the new technology includes RGBW codec technology and hardware HDR (high dynamic range). RGBW and HBR makes stacked CMOS image sensor are more sensitive to light, It’s able to capture clear color image at night, also improved the shooting speed.

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