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Hikvision 2-Megapixel HDTVI IR Camera

Hikvision 2-megapixel HD-TVI Outdoor IR Camera DS-2CC12D9T-A

AHD, TVI, CVI, HD-SDI, EX-SDI are different prevailed HD-over-coaxial technologies in today’s analog surveillance market. In this article, we want to introduce you the Hikvision DS-2CC12D9T-A, which is a HD-TVI outdoor IR bullet camera that delivers 2-megapixel HDTVI video supported wide dynamic range and auto focus function. This 2-megapixel HD-TVI camera keeps the consistent design of Hikvision bullet camera; IP66 rated weatherproof housing, ivory white color, included with sun-shield. Equipped with Infrared illuminators, bracket adopts cable conceal design, which supports 3-axis installation.

Hikvision DS-2CC12D9T-A is an All-in-one security camera, including the OSD menu buttons beneath the camera housing, the OSD menu allows users to adjust the camera’s setting easily. The camera’s interface is quite simple, including power supply, test CVBS video signal output, and HDTVI HDTVI signal output.

The camera uses a 2-megapixel progressive scan CMOS image sensor, can capture vivid color video with 1920x1080 resolution, the image processor supports self-adaptive digital noise reduction function to ensure the camera can keep image clarity, supports CVBS analog and HDTVI analog signal output. Supporting maximum 1080p resolution, in order to get the HD-TVI image, we connect the camera to a HD-TVI DVR.

Hikvision HDTVI 1080p IR Bullet Camera
Hikvision HDTVI 1080p IR Bullet Camera

Key Features

  • 2.0-Megapixel Progressive Scan CMOS Image Sensor
  • 1956 (H)*1266(V) total pixels
  • 2.8~12mm@F1.4 motorized lens
  • WDR, BLC, HLC, 3D-noise reduction
  • 10x optical zoom (Smart D-Zoom), digital zoom
  • Mirror, defog, motion detection, privacy mask
  • 100 – 110 meter IR illumination distance

High definition exceptional image quality

The camera aimed at image resolution testing card, in minimum optical zoom and 1080p@25fps settings to test the camera. From analysis, the measured horizontal resolution is 1000TVL, vertical resolution can reach up to 1100TVL, and its edge resolution is 950TVL, no image distortion.

Hikvision 2-Megapixel HD-TVI Image Resolution
Hikvision 2-Megapixel HD-TVI Image Resolution

Color reproduction testing

Firstly setting the camera’s ATW to automatic mode, the camera aimed at color reproduction testing card, then comparing the capture image and the testing color, we found the overall color is a bit dim, however the color reproduction is accurate.

Hikvision 2-Megapixel HD-TVI Color Reproduction
Hikvision 2-Megapixel HD-TVI Color Reproduction

Grey scale level

Now using the Kodak Gray Scale testing color to measure its recognizable gray scale level, we found the capture image can reach 18 level (total 20 level). Overall, this camera’s performance is quite good, it delivers the exact same performance with network cameras in terms of image quality, color reproduction and gray scale.

Hikvision 2-Megapixel HD-TVI Gray Scale
Hikvision 2-Megapixel HD-TVI Gray Scale

Multi-functional model

The Hikvision DS-2CC12D9T-A supports back light compensation (BLC), wide dynamic range (WDR), and high light compensation (HLC). In real test, after WDR is enabled, the  image becomes clear instantly, result is quite good; additionally, the camera’s BLC function performance is also good. HLC can be used to capture vehicle license plate number. Lastly, the camera supports defog function. 

Hikvision 2-Megapixel HD-TVI WDR Performance
Hikvision 2-Megapixel HD-TVI WDR Performance

Good low light performance

Putting the camera in a dark box to simulate the low light environment, in automatic switching mode, gradually reducing the inner brightness, the camera would automatically increase the AGC to maintain image brightness. When environment illumination is 12.4Lux, the camera switched to monochrome mode (IR turned off), under good controlling of noise reduction, 0.13Lux, image noise is minimum. When illumination reduced to 0.01Lux, cameras still could see the object, its low light performance is quite good.

Additionally, this camera support Smart IR, supports up to 110 meters IR illumination. The camera can automatically adjust the IR intensity and angle to perfectly avoid IR-saturation problem.

10x optical zoom capability

Hikvisiion DS-2CC12D9T-AVFIT3 adopts focal length 2.8~12mm@F1.4 lens, supports 10x optical zoom. In real test, we make the camera aim at outdoor scene to monitor the 200 meter away building, in zero optical zoom, the camera can auto focus to get clear image, when zoom in to enlarge image, the sign and building details clearly presented. The users can use the DVR to control the camera’s optical zoom.

Since it’s a HD-TVI camera, it offers long distance video transmission capability, in 1080p resolution, the maximum distance can reach up to 500 meters. Also HD-TVI can support transmit controlling signal and audio signal over coaxial, quite easy to install.

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