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Dahua multi-lens 4K panoramic H.265 network camera

The multi-lens type panoramic network camera, currently is the most convenient and no image distortion way to achieve panoramic video surveillance. Dahua, the second largest security company in China, has already developed several multi-lens panoramic network cameras and launched them into the security market.  Relying on global leading quality and great user-friendly design, these new products have been awarded  “Chinese best design” by domestic authorized institution. 

Among them the best representative is IPC-PDBW8808-A180, as it features higher resolution, smart, 360° panoramic, starlight, image stitching etc advanced technologies can provide excellent performance, now it has been gradually deployed into city surveillance, transportation, government facilities, school, airport etc many surveillance projects which the wide monitoring coverage is needed.

Dahua 4K Multi-lens Panoramic Camera 180 degree
Dahua IPC-PDBW8808-A180

Perfect image stitching to achieve 180 degree 

As one of type of products in security camera sector, multi-len panoramic cameras cater the needs of requiring wide video monitoring, it offers many unique advantages that can’t be replaced. Dahua multi-lens panoramic camera is composed of 4 independent camera modules which leveraging 1/2.8” 2-megapixel CMOS image sensor featuring starlight technology, equipped with 3mm fixed lens, each module can cover four different viewing angle. Replying on Dahua smart algorithm, the camera can automatically correct image distortion then stitch together to output 4096x1800 panoramic image. Hence to accomplish horizontal 180 degree, vertial 87 degree fielf of view, flat no distortion, high clarity video surveillance.

Dahua IPC-PDBW8808-A180 Panoramic Image
Dahua IPC-PDBW8808-A180 Panoramic Image

Starlight plus H.265 video format

To better accommodate the higher resolution and smart requirements from large scene video surveillance, the product is able to provide 0.01Lux@F1.2 (color) or 0.001Lux@F1.2 (mono) excellent low light performance (we guess it utilizes Sony Starvis Exmor-R Back Illuminated CMOS image sensor - IMX290, which it also supports sensor-based WDR function). It can capture high clarity image in the day time and at night as well, supporting Infrared illumination, it still see clearly under zero light condition. In terms of video encoding, this camera supports H.265 codec, completely solved the bandwidth and storage burden which the 4K ultra high definition brings. 

As it adopts Ambarella SoCs, the product can support SmartHEVC (Smart H.265).  “SmartHEVC  divides the required bitrate by two and cuts the storage cost in half at the same time. SmartHEVC is Ambarella’s own advanced optimization of H.265 and it tuned for typical surveillance scenes, offering additional and significant bandwidth savings over regular H.265. It’s a very valuable proposition for our customers. “ said Jerome Gigot, the director of marketing at Ambarella.

In addition to optimization of video encoding, it features ROI encoding, which can smartly lower bitrate through reducing the image quality/resolution on unwanted region, yet retaining the highest image quality for selected/important regions on the image. Therefore, it supports triple streams, ACF (Active Control Frame) etc multiple smart encoding methods, offers a great flexibility to be well adapted in complex bandwidth and storage circumstances.

As an innovative panoramic network camera, it has been implanted with smart video analytics, it offers cross line detection, region detection, object detection, external alarm, object counting, heat map etc rich intelligent video analysis. Moreover, it can easily be incorporated with IP PTZ camera to offer smart tracking, smart rotation and so on smart functions. Being able to provide linkage alarm function, it can greatly improve the efficiency of security operators.

IP67, IK10 weatherproof design

Despite the improvements on functionality, it also has improved its product design. This 4K panoramic camera adopts rugged aluminum housing with a dome cover. It’s a dome type panoramic camera has full-sealed design, features IP67 waterproof design, can withstand extreme weather conditions, it’s dome cover can support 1K10 protection to avoid vandalism. In order to provide simple installation, the product can support Power over Ethernet.

Dahua Multi-Lens Panoramic Network IR Bullet Camera
Dahua IPC-PFW8601-A180

This is a vandal-proof dome type panoramic camera, if you may also want to check the IPC-PFW8601-A180, which is a bullet type 6MP panoramic camera which consists of 3x 2MP camera modules to achieve 4096x832 resolution 180° panoramic video with image stitching technology. This model provides the same functions as the IPC-PDBW8808-A180 does.  

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