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Hikvision DS-2CD5126FWD-IZH

True-WDR H.265 dome network camera - Hikvision DS-2CD5126FWD-IZH

For video surveillance applications, likely users have to install some HDTV network camera in the places where encounter tough/difficult lighting conditions. For these special applications, you may want to use True WDR network cameras. In this article, we are going to introduce you the  Hikvision DS-2CD5126FWD-IZH, which is a 2 megapixel resolution day & night true WDR dome network camera. This network camera can deliver high clarity image, meanwhile provides you up to 120dB wide dynamic range, and excellent low illumination performance.

Aesthetic durable design

Hikvision DS-2CD5126FWD-IZH 2 megapixel ICR day & night dome network camera, from this title, we know it owns excellent light processing performance. From its exterior design, this camera paints with white color, metal durable housing design with dome cover features 1K vandalism protection. It adopts a 1/1.8" progressive scan CMOS image sensor, equipped with a F1.4/2.8mm-12mm vari-focal lens, supports 2x optical zoom, offers quick zoom, manual/automatic/half-automatic focus, lens initialize etc functions, its horizontal viewing angle can reach 90.1°~31°, providing you the great flexibility for different video surveillance applications.

In terms of its interface, this network camera has one pair 3.5mm Audio Input and Output, 1x RJ45 port and 1x RS-485 port, convenient for users to install, 1CH alarm input and 1CH alarm output, supports PoE, allowing quick setup.

High image quality accurate color reproduction

This camera utilizes a 1/1.8" large size CMOS image sensor, its effective pixels reach up to 2 megapixel, using the resolution testing card to measure under zero optical zoom, since adopting wide viewing angle lens, image has slightly distortion, however, its resolution performance is excellent, both horizontal and vertical resolution can reach 1050TVL, edge resolution is 800TVL.

Resolution test result

Then, using the 24 colors color reproduction testing card, after image inspection, we conclude that the camera's image keeps accurate color reproduction, and its recognizable grayscale level can reach 16, 17 grade.

Stable bitrate under high frame rate

DS-2CD5126FWD-IZH supports TCP/IP, RTP, UDP, HTTP, DHCP, DDNS, PPPoE, NTP etc network protocols, and complies ONVIF standard. In H.265 video encoding standard, under 50fps @2Mbps 1080p video parameter, making the camera aim at outdoor scene, after image inspection, this camera can deliver high-depth, clear image with vivid color. Running bitrate calculating software, we find its average bitrate is 3.2Mbps, network stream is very stable.

Bitrate test result

Powerful image processing function, strong environmental adaptation ability

This network camera supports 120dB WDR, suitable for difficult lighting condition. In order to test its WDR performance, we simulate the front strong lighting and back strong lighting environment.

Firstly making the camera aim at strong lighting area, when all image processing functions are deactivated, the captured image turns to bright portion is overexposed, and dark portion is still dark, then we turn on WDR function, adjust it to maximum value, the image improve instantly.

120dB WDR

In defog testing, we set the camera aim at outdoor window, and simulate foggy scene, after turn on defog function, the image has real change; image contrast increased, and objects in image become clear.


Excellent low light performance

We put the camera into dark box to simulate low illumination environment, then gradually decrease the illumination, the camera will switch from color mode to day & night mode. With continuous decreasing of illumination, the camera can deliver noise-free clear image until light meter shows 0.01Lux (F1.4). Then switch to color mode, the measured min. illumination is approximate 0.4Lux (F1.4).

People counting

This network camera support people counting function, according to the instruction manual, this function can install in the front door, aim at ground to count people. When people cross the region, the network camera keeps one record.

Smart function


  • Smart Detection: 10 behavioral analysis, anomaly detection 4, 2 recognition and detection, a statistical function
  • Smart Recording: support off net resume feature ensures that video is not lost, with Smart NVR / SD card for event recording of intelligence after retrieval, analysis and concentrated Play
  • Smart Encoding: support low bit rate, low latency, ROI region of interest enhancement coding, SVC adaptive coding technique
  • Smart Control: AF lens (-Z optional)


Image Performance


  • Full HD 1080p @ 60fps high frame rates, the effect is more fluid
  • Corridor mode, increasing the longitudinal narrow environmental monitoring area
  • Regional crop, a small bandwidth to see the big details
  • Stream smooth set up to suit the image quality and fluency of the different requirements under different scenarios
  • H.265 / H.264 / MJPEG video compression algorithm, support multi-level video quality configuration, coding complexity settings
  • 120dB wide dynamic environment for backlighting
  • GBK font support more characters and rare words superimposed, support OSD 
  • defog, electronic image stabilization


IR function (-I option)


  • Efficient Infrared Array lights, low power consumption, illumination distance of 10-30 meters
  • Smart IR function, according to the focal length of the lens to change the size of the smart infrared lamp brightness, so that infrared light evenly, but the explosion near objects, distant objects without missing


System functions


  • ONVIF (profile S / profile G), CGI, PSIA, ISAPI, GB / T28181 and EHOME protocol
  • Tri-streaming technology, dual high-definition, to support 20 channels at the same time take the stream
  • Third-generation electric lens, AF automatically and quickly follow focus, zoom process is not virtual focus (-Z)
  • Lightning protection, anti-surge, anti-static
  • Wide voltage input
  • Vandalproof grade IK10
  • Three-axis adjustment, easy to install


Interface features


  • 128G Micro SD / SDHC / SDXC memory card
  • 10M / 100M / 1000M adaptive Ethernet port
  • 1 audio input / output, dual-channel stereo audio
  • 1 alarm input / output
  • BNC analog output


Security Services


  • Three user rights management, support authorized user and password, IP address filtering support, support for anonymous access
  • HTTPS, SSH and other security certification, support the creation of a certificate
  • Support for user login locking mechanism

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