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Solar Powered Wireless Beam Sensor VG-2T60

Solar Beam Sensor Best for Outdoor Perimeter Burglar Alarm System

When we plan a security system for a house or a shop, perimeter security is the first defense line. Perimeter protection is crucial, it alerts you before intruders enter your premises, or deter them effectively to prevent crime happens. Active Infrared beam sensors as known as photoelectric beams have been widely applied to this application, simply because they provide reliable and accurate detection when comparing with other available technology. Unifore herein present you an innovative Infrared beam sensor which utilizes solar panel as the power supply, so that you are able to create a completely wire-free wireless alarm system that uses green-energy.

Solar panel powered wireless beam detector
Solar panel powered wireless beam detector

Long Distance Perimeter Alarm Monitoring

Unlike passive infrared sensors, active infrared sensors can guard up to 100 meter distance, by merely deploying 4 pairs active infrared sensors on each side of perimeter, you can easily protect a house or a construction site. Active infrared sensor consists of a transmitter and a receiver, multiple beams form invisible fence between them, low-energy consumption and invisible, as well as beautiful and low cost, they are much better than conventional electric fence. These characteristics determine that active infrared sensors are the perfect choice for middle and big size perimeter alarm systems.

Solar panel powered wireless beam detector

Solar Panel Clean Energy

Solar energy is the most clean energy, in past years because of high cost only few high-tech products integrate it to product design. Now, as the solar panel becomes more and more cheaper, they have gradually been integrated with normal products. Unifore solar powered wireless beam sensors use the solar panel to power the sensor, it also has built-in rechargeable battery to supply power in low light or darkness environment condition. A day direct sun light can get battery fully charged, the battery enables beam sensor last for up to 20 days under the cloudy days condition.

Solar panel powered wireless beam detector

Accurate Detection Pet-Immune

Comparing with passive infrared motion sensor (PIR), it provides accurate detection by using multiple active infrared beams, it only set off alarm when multiple beams are interrupted by people simultaneously. Users are able to adjust the response time to adjust its sensitivity. Therefore, it’s totally pet-immune, pets cross the detection area and block Infrared beam will not trigger an alarm. All kinds of active Infrared beam sensors adopt Anti-UV engineering housing to avoid interference that derives from direct sun light. Additionally engineering housing can provide vandal-proof feature to against smash hit.

Wireless beam detector pet immunity

Outdoor Design Withstand Harsh Weather

The product adopts IP65 waterproof design, it can withstand dust, rain, snow, wind.

Outdoor waterproof solar beam sensor

Easy to install with view finder

The internal optical component can be rotated horizontally 180 degree and 20 degree vertically, installer can easily find the ideal angle, with help of view finder (signal LED indicator), sensor alignment can be done within a few minutes. Installation brackets are included to make installation super easy. You can also mount the sensor to steel stand, we provide “I” and “L” two different types stand for beam sensor installation. Both IR transmitter and receiver have anti-tamper protection design.

Solar panel powered wireless beam detector
Solar wireless beam detector installation
Solar wireless beam detector installation

Completely wire-free alarm system

This solar beam sensor can not work standalone, it should work with wireless alarm panels. Unifore provides several wireless alarm panels that support GSM and Wi-Fi to work with it. To setup a completely wire-free alarm system, you just need to buy a pair of solar powered wireless beam sensor, a set of wireless alarm panel, if your budget is sufficient you even can add a solar powered wireless strobe siren which can provide a strong visual and audible deterrent.

Completely Wireless Solar Powered Perimeter Burglar Alarm Monitoring System
Outdoor Wireless Perimeter Alarm System

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