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SmartSens SC5035 5MP CMOS

SmartSens SC5035 5MP CMOS for IP Cameras

SmartSens proudly released the new 5-megapixel CMOS image sensor – SC5035. The new sensor is based on the innovative SmartClarity technology, has greatly improved the image clarity in the day time and low illumination performance at night, it’s the excellent image sensor among similar models from rivals.

SC5035 adopts 1/2.7 inch optical size design, it’s a back-illuminated structure sensor supports line-base SmartHDR , featuring NIR enhancement function, which can better cater the needs that requiring high performance image sensors.

This image sensor can support 4:3 and 16:9 image aspect ratio video output to fit video surveillance applications, it is not only suitable for day/night video surveillance, but also can be used in smartphone, tablet, VR, drone etc products.

Scene 1: Indoor normal lighting (150Lux)

High clarity image with true color reproduction

SC5035 Normal Light Performance

Scene 2: Night performance

SmartSens SC5035 Outdoor Night Performance

Scene 3: Low illumination performance (0.01Lux)

SmartSens SC5035 Low illumination 0.01Lux Performance

Scene 4: With IR illumination

SC5035 features near IR enhancement function to improve imaging performance. 

SmartSens SC5035 5MP IR Performance

SC5035 Specification

  • Pixel size:2.0um×2.0um BSI
  • Effective pixel:2592H×1944V
  • Imaging capability:2592×1944 12bit@ 50fps;2560×1440 12bit@ 60fps;1920×1080 12bit@ 60fps;1280×720 12bit@ 120fps
  • Optical format:1/2.7”(6.4mm)
  • Video output:12/10/8-bit 4/2/1 Lane MIPI
  • Raw format: RAW RGB
  • CRA:15°
  • Sensitivity:2V/Lux ∙ s
  • Normal mode:64dB
  • HDR mode:100dB
  • S/N ratio:35dB
  • Working temperature:-40ºC~+85ºC
  • Optimum temperature:-20ºC~+60ºC

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