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Hikvision Alarm System

Meteoric rise - Hikvision alarm system product portfolio

After the release of half-annual revenue report, Hikvision is embarking on reorganization. The company established a new company mainly responsible for marketing and selling security products in Canada. Although the company doesn't release the detail of reorganization, we can assume that they are establishing several subsidiary companies which are responsible for running of across different security & protection businesses including access control products, video intercom products, as well as alarm system products. The new business strategy will help Hikvision maintain sustainable rapid growth.

In this article, we aim to provide you some information about Hikvision alarm system. Despite the reason that Hikvision is pretty new in alarm system industry, the company soon will be the most competitive manufacturer, the global alarm system manufacturers such as Tyco, Honeywell, Crow will face fierce competition. 

Hikvision has a complete alarm system product portfolio, from front-end detectors (i.e. PIR motion sensor, Dual-tech motion sensor etc) to a variety of alarm panels and management platform. Hikvision alarm product range covers everything you need to setup a complete security alarm system. Alarm control panel is the key product, Hikvision alarm panels can be categorized to 5 categories: Conventional (PSTN) alarm panel, Network alarm panel, Video alarm panel, BUS alarm control panel, wireless alarm panel; according to different applications, the alarm panel also can be divided to commercial series and professional series.

Hikvision network alarm panel

Herein we introduce the Hikvision DS-19A15-BNG, it's an alarm panel has true network integration, combined with conventional PSTN alarm reporting, compatible with traditional alarm receiving centre. Hikvision network alarm panel supports supervised connection, offers SDK for convenient third-party system's integration.

Hikvision alarm control panel supports 8 zones, 16 zones, the alarm main board has four alarm linkage outputs, also can extend alarm outputs through RS485 connection. The alarm reporting paths including IP network, Telephone line, Wireless Cellular, allowing user to program two ARC numbers. Arm and disarm the system is very flexibile, the system supports arm/disarm operation through keypad, remote keyfob, ARC, SMS, Smartphone App, as well as schedule Arm/Disarm; Additionally, Hikvision commercial network alarm control panels have beautiful design, professional-level features, it's suitable for alarm protection of homes and businesses.

Hikvision network alarm control panels
Hikvision network alarm control panels

Video alarm control panel

DS-19S08N-04S/GX is a video alarm control panel can connect with IP camera or analog camera, can be divided into two categories, one Pro NVR or DVR + network control panel to achieve 1+1>2 function. The system offers alarm detection + video surveillance together. In addition to above mentioned alarm function and Hikvision NVR/DVR video monitoring and recording, it added with video delay preview function (alarm verification, 30s preview before alarm + video preview when alarm occurs). Besides the alarm verification, it also supports 2-way audio intercom.

Hikvision Commercial Alarm Panels
Hikvision Commercial Alarm Panels

BUS alarm control panel

DS-19A08-01BNG, if you think Hikvision commercial alarm panel and professional alarm panel are pretty amazing, Hikvision BUS alarm control panel will also surprise you with its extraordinary function.

Hikvision BUS Alarm Panels
Hikvision BUS Alarm Panels

Long distance communication

Hikvision BUS control panels have two M-BUS communication lines, each lines support communication distance up to 2.4 Kilometer, the line can extend to 2 scales, maximum distance up to 7.2 kilometer. This is the distance between wired security sensors and BUS alarm control panel.

True dual BUS technology

That is two wires including signal and power supply, this technology is generally controlled by foreign enterprises, now Hikvision grasped this technology and develop it further. BUS module works with power supply from BUS alarm control panel, which greatly reduce the installation cost and maintenance fee.

Mass security zones

The alarm panel has default 8 security zones, it can extend to totally 256 security zones with zone extension modules.

Hybrid devices BUS connection

The zone extension module and relay modules can connect to the BUS, as long as the quantity of BUS devices don't exceed 253 units, greatly improved the efficiency for system installation.

Electrodeless bus connection

Each bus device can be connected to BUS regardless of polarity. The system will be damaged by contrary polarity connection, this feature is very helpful for complex commercial applications. Few manufacturers adopt this design.

Hikvision alarm detectors

Diversity security sensors

Hikvision offers a wide range of security sensors including PIR motion sensor, panic button, Infrared beam, Microwave motion sensor, magnetic contacts, vibration sensor, glass break sensor etc. The keypad includes LED keypad and LCD keypad. Furthermore, Hikvision BUS alarm panel comes with programming software iVMS-4200, allowing users to program the BUS system remotely.

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