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Baycom K20H WiFi HD IP Camera

BAYCOM HD Megapixel IP camera for Home

Home video surveillance market is a big cake for video surveillance manufacturers. Since the rapid development of IP-based video streaming technology, there are many traditional CCTV camera manufacturers, as well as explosive growth of start-up corporations are launching megapixel resolution IP cameras to meet this demand. Baycom, headquarter in Hsinchu, Taiwan, the company established in 1990, the company is one of leading IP-based security cameras manufacturer. The company recently released smart Mini Camera series including models K20H, K20, K10.

Smart Mini Camera

Baycom's latest smart mini cameras are high definition IP camera adopts megapixel progressive scan CMOS image sensor. These cameras can deliver 720p HD video to accomdate the needs of security and protection for home and retail business. The camera adopts main-stream H.264 video compression technology which provides low bitrate video streaming without compromising video quality.

In addition to general features such as WiFi/Wired Ethernet connection, true day & night video monitoring, on-board video storage, two-way audio intercom, Baycom's cameras have rich features of extreme wide view angle, wide dynamic range function, 3-zone motion detection, free dropbox cloud storage.

Baycom K20H Smart Mini Cam

This mini cube camera is a 720p HD network camera delivers 1.0 megapixel resolution video to your computer and smartphone. It supports local video displaying and video recording, as well as remote monitoring over smartphone. This camera adopts wide dynamic range function to enable camera capture high quality images even working under challenging lighting conditions. Furthermore, it has one built-in passive infrared motion sensor, integrated with 3-zone motion detection which has capability to offer you additional security detection features.

Baycom K20 WiFi HD IP Camera

A stylish design mini size cube IP camera designed for home or small business use. K20 is the simple version of K20H, except without built-in PIR motion sensor, H20 owns all the features which K20H has. This camera adopts 1/4" 1.0 progressive scan CMOS image sensor to deliver 1280x720p HD video at 30fps. It is equipped with a megapixel lens which offers 105° horizontal wide view angle. This camera offers H.264 and MJPEG codec, it has 9 infrared illuminators to enable camera capture images in low light or complete darkness conditions.

K20 WiFi HD IP Camera
K20 WiFi HD IP Camera

Baycom K10 WiFI HD IP Camera

K10 is the first IP camera released by Baycom. It adopts conventional design while offers exceptional high quality video. The camera supports night vision, video-based motion detection, and two-way audio intercom with its built-in microphone and audio jack. It can enable users to stay connected with family and love ones. It supports remote surveillance which can let you monitor your home or office over smartphone anywhere, anytime.

K20 WiFi HD IP Camera
K10 WiFi IP Cube Camera

K20H/K20/K10 Highlights

  • 1/4 inch 1.0 megapixel progressive scan CMOS image sensor
  • Delivering real time 720p HD video
  • Support wide dynamic range to improve image quality
  • Support local video storage on MicroSD card (up to 64GB)
  • Support WiFi wireless connection, WPS function
  • Support night vision, IR range distance up to 10 meters
  • Built-in PIR motion sensor to offer accurate movement detection (only K20H)
  • Built-in Mic and Audio jack to support 2-way audio intercom
  • 3-zone motion detection, send alarm push notification
  • Support free Dropbox Cloud Storage
  • Compliant with ONVIF

Technical Information

  • Model Name: K10 / K20 / K20H
  • Image Sensor: 1/4" CMOS Image Sensor
  • Max Resolution: 1 Megapixel (1280x720)
  • View Angle: 65° (K10), 105° (K20 & K20H)
  • Video Compression: H.264;MJPEG
  • Max Frame Rate: 30 fps 
  • Night Vision Support: Yes, 9 IR LEDs (5-10m)
  • Support Wide Dynamic Range  (WDR): No (K10), Yes (K20 & K20H)
  • Wi-Fi: 1TR 
  • PIR Sensor Support: No (K10 & K20), Yes (K20H)
  • Video Motion Detection Yes 
  • Audio Support: Two-way audio (built-in microphone & audio jack)
  • Local Storage: MicroSD slot support  (max support 32GB)
  • Cloud Storage: No (K10), Yes (K20 & K20H)
  • Connection: P2P (K10), RTSP (K20 & K20H)
  • Wireless Interface: IEEE 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz
  • ONVIF Support: No (K10), Yes (K20 & K20H)

WiFi HD IP Camera Installation

Network Requirements

  • An ADSL modem with Internet connection.
  • A broadband router, preferably with Wi-Fi capability. Please make sure DHCP is enabled on your router.
  • Android or iOS Smart Phone; 3G/WiFi network connection preferred.

Step 1 : Install APP “Smart-Cam” to your mobile device.

- For iPhone / iPad: please download “Smart-Cam” from  Apple Store and install it.

- For Android Smartphone / Tablet: please download “Smart-Cam” from Play Store and install it.

Step 2 : Connect Camera to Internet

Please check if your router has a WPS button, then follow the WPS setup. If not (or unsure), please follow the Wired setup.

Wired setup

  1. Connect a network cable to the network port, which is on the back of Camera and a LAN port of the router.
  2. Then plug the power adapter of Camera to power on the camera.
WiFi IP Camera Wired Network Connection
IP Camera Wired Connection

WPS setup

Note: Please unplug the network cable for Camera WPS setup.

  1. Plug the power adapter and power on your Camera then wait for 40 seconds to boot the camera (operating system).
  2. Press the WPS button (on the lower back of Camera) for 4 seconds until its LED blinks. Then press the WPS button on your router and wait for the Wi-Fi connection to be established (within 10 to 120 seconds).
WiFi IP Camera WPS Connection
WiFi IP Camera WPS Connection

Step 3 : Add camera

  1. Download APP “Smart-Cam” from Google Play for Android devices or from Apple Store for iOS devices.
  2. Open “Smart-Cam” and “Click here to add camera”, by scanning QR code on the back of Camera to get the UID (Unique ID) or you can enter it manually.
  3. Enter Security Code ( default 888888 )then press OK to add your Camera.
  4. Once you have seen the status of your Camera is Online and then you can click and watch the live video right away.
Smart-Cam App - WiFi HD Camera
Smart-Cam App

Frequently Asked Questions

1. If you are having diffculty, you may attempt to perform a factory reset on your Camera. With the power on, press the RESET button on the back of your Camera for 10 seconds and then proceed to setup your camera from the beginning again.

2. Camera can support up to 32GB (FAT32) Micro SD Card for recording storage.

3. The maximum recording time of 32GB Micro SD Card is 71 hours (about 2.9 days) with the highest resolution.

SD Card Recording Capacity SD Card Size  (Gbytes)
  4G 8G 16G 32G
Recording capacity (hours)
Video Quality Max 8.3 17 33 66
High 11 22 44 88
Medium 17 34 68 137
Min 28.4 57 114 227
Low 28.4 57 114 227

4. If still can’t get the live video images. What can I do?

Please remove P2PCamWeb Plugin, then download and install it again.

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