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1080p smart wireless doorbell camera

App connected wireless smart doorbell 24V PoE 1080p camera with PIR

Smart doorbell connects to your smartphone and make life not only more convenient, but also make your home secure. As one of popular IoT (Internet of Things) gadget, smart doorbells are welcomed by residential and office users. Unifore, the leading security equipment brand, so proudly introduce you the latest design smart doorbell, model SD-M5 (SKU KW05). The product owns special features which make it the best option for your home/office.

Easily upgrade your wired doorbell

SD-M5 smart doorbell supports PoE function by using the included PoE injector. PoE eliminates the power cable and wiring, hence greatly simplify the installation. The product works merely by plugging an Ethernet cable. In addition to PoE, it also supports traditional power input. However, unlike other smart doorbell in market, SD-M5 supports a wide range of power input which is DC9-36V/AC 8-24V voltage. This indicates you're able to easily upgrade your existing traditional wired doorbells without running new cables or even use another power source.

Smart doorbell video intercom 1080p wireless/PoE

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Wireless/Wi-Fi connection

The product not only supports Ethernet, it also has built-in Wi-Fi module to support Wi-Fi connection. It works with your 2.4GHz or Dual-band Wi-Fi router. To setup the Wi-Fi connection is super easy, no PC is required. Using your smartphone, you're able to establish the Wi-Fi connection within 3 minutes. Ethernet and Wi-Fi availability provides you a great flexibility to install and use the smart doorbell.

Answer door anywhere anytime

The smart doorbell has a camera and built-in speaker and microphone, when it connects with Internet, you're able to answer door anywhere anytime. When doorbell rings, it will send you instant push notification alert. The app supports multiple users, you're able to invite other guest users to receive the push notification or even give permission to let them watch video. 

1080p security camera supports motion detection

It's not just a Internet connected doorbell, it's also a 1080p smart security camera. The camera adopts 2-megapixel color CMOS image sensor can capture 1920x1080 format resolution video. Relying on advanced image processing technology, the captured video is crystal clear and noise-free. It also has Infrared illuminators which help camera to see at night or under low lighting condition. Comparing with traditional security camera that merely offers video-based motion detection, our product has built-in a passive infrared motion sensor, which can accurately detect the moving people. The PIR sensor is a reliable intrusion detection sensor that has been widely used in burglar alarm system. By offering video based and PIR-based dual motion detection, the product only alerts you when it detects people, no false alarm caused by environment factors e.g. swaying grass, tree leaf, small spider, other pests.

The product provides you additional security for your home, under detection status, when people approaches your home, or loitering around your house, the smart doorbell will trigger the alarm, you will be notified by instant push notification alert, you're able to watch live video to know what's happening there.

24 hours video recording up to 128GB

The product has a microSD/TF/SDHC memory card slot design to support edge video storage. The app offers three different video recording mode including manual/24 hours, schedule, motion detection. It can record video footage to SD card even when network connection is interrupted. 


The smart doorbell supports universal RTSP stream protocol, it's able to transmit video stream to other devices or software. It's also compatible with Onvif specification, works with your new or existing IP surveillance system. Thanks for this advantage, it can be easily integrated with other security system or media system. For instance, the smart doorbell works with Synology and QNAP NAS (network attached system), the product works with xProtect, iSpy, BlueIris etc open-source or paid VMS (video management system), it works with Dahua/Hikvision DVR/NVR. 


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