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Source: Huawei IPC Structure

What's 60fps high frame rate encoding for IP cameras?

A video file is comprised of continuous images. Each image is called a frame. If a one-second video file is composed of 25 continuous images, the frame rate is 25 fps. With the phase alternating line (PAL) standard, a frame rate of 25 fps provides vivid display. If the frame rate is lower than 25 fps, motions in a video file can be discontinuous and even showing some leaping illusions. Therefore, frame rate is an important factor to be considered in a high quality video surveillance system. Demands for the frame rate surely vary in different industries. For example, transportation surveillance has strict demands for frame rate for checkpoint and lane monitoring, so does casinos. As essential devices in a surveillance system, there is no doubt that diverse customer demands will facilitate the technology development of cameras.

By using high-frame-rate encoding technology, Hisilicon network cameras not only support conventional HD video frame rate (25 fps or 30 fps), but also achieve 60 fps. Compared with the 30 fps video, images in the 60 fps video are smoother in the same scenario.


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