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SDHC/MicroSD card + IP Camera

How to choose SDHC/MicroSD card for HD IP Camera?

Unifore's IP cameras have built-in SDHC/MicroSD card slot to support on-board video storage. The built-in MicroSD card can achieve local video recording, hence avoid data lossing by network disruption. Now here comes another question, how to choose appropriate SDHC/MicroSD card? As we know, HD IP camera will read and write data on SD card. The read and write data speed is the main factor to consider the SDHC/MicroSD card.

Below is the data speed (bitrate) for differnet resolution IP cameras:

  • 720p HD Video Streaming: 2Mbps (0.25MB/s)
  • SXGA HD Video Streaming: 3Mbps (0.375MB/s)
  • 1080p HD Video Streaming: 4Mbps (0.5MB/s)
  • QXGA/3MP HD Video Streaming: 5Mbps (0.625MB/s)
  • 5MP Ultra HD Video Streaming: 6Mbps (0.75MB/s)
  • 6MP Ultra HD Video Streaming: 7Mbps (0.875MB/s)
  • 4K/UHD 8MP Ultra Hd Video Streaming: 8Mbps (1MB/s)

Above IP camera's writing speed is lower than standard data writing speed of SD card in the market. But IP video surveillance products require continuous large data writing on SD card, we recommend to choose the upper level SD card which can provide faster writing speed. Meanwhile, we don't suggest clients to use SD card as long term video storage (for example 24 hours continuous recording), continuous recording will be easy to make an unexpected malfunction to SD card, hence data cannot be written and retrieved.

We used the ATTO Disk Benchmark Software (version v2.47) to test reading/writing speed for SDHC cards in the market. This test based on Kingston USB 3.0 (FCR-HS3), USB 3.0 interface. Red bar shows the writing speed, green bar shows the reading speed, data on the right side is KB/s

Kingston 32GB SD Card - Speed

▲Kingston 32GB SDHC Card▲

This is a cheap SDHC card which has regular write/read speed. It's suitable for low cost products that don't require high write/read speed.

Kingston 32GB 100x SD Card - Speed

▲Kingston 32GB 100x SD Card▲

Kingston Class 10 SD card, its package box marked maximum speed 100x (15MB/s). The measured maximum read speed exceeds the nominal value, although write speed exceed the nominal value, the write/read speed is not very satisfied.

Transcend 32GB Class 10 SD Card - Speed

▲Transcend 32GB Class 10 SD Card▲

Has similar performance like the Kingston SD10V/32GB card, cheap and well-known brand, suitable to end-users.

Transcend 32GB 300X SD Card - Speed

▲Transcend 32GB 300X SD Card▲

Compared with Transcend 32G SDHC memory card, this SDHC card has a greatly improved on read speed, but write speed has a little improvement.

SanDisk 64GB 200X TF/MicroSD Card - Speed

▲SanDisk 64GB 200X TF/MicroSD Card▲

Nowadays, HD IP camera, Smartphone...etc mobile storage devices have certain performance requirement for SD card, especially for 4K/UHD ultra high definition IP camera, as well as smartphone supports 4K HD video playback capability, with a good memory cards and more help to get smoother video experience. The only drawback is the low write speed, according to this speed rate, copy a 10GB HD video footage to this SD card, it takes approximate 10 minutes.

SanDisk 16GB TF/MicroSD Card - Speed

▲SanDisk 16GB TF/MicroSD Card▲

20MB/s write/read speed can only meet the general needs for mobile storage. However, lower price + lifetime warranty. After all, a good choice for users. 

SanDisk 16GB TF/MicroSD Card - Speed

▲SanDisk 16GB TF/MicroSD Card▲

One of SanDisk's popular products, however read and write speed performance have not reached the nominal 30MB/s

SanDisk 32GB 80MB/s SD Card - Speed

▲32GB 80MB/s TF/MicroSD Card▲

80MB/s write/read speed has basically reached the nominal value. In addition to write and read speed, there is no other highlights.

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