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Tuya Video Door Phone Intercom System

Enhancing Security and Convenience with Tuya Door Phone Intercom System

In an era where security and convenience are paramount, the integration of smart technology has revolutionized the way we protect and manage our homes and businesses. One such innovation is the Tuya AHD Door Phone Intercom System, a cutting-edge solution that combines advanced security features with seamless communication capabilities. This article delves into the features, benefits, and potential applications of the Tuya AHD Door Phone Intercom System, highlighting its role in enhancing safety and convenience for users.

Understanding the Tuya AHD Door Phone Intercom System 

The Tuya AHD Door Phone Intercom System is a high-tech, smart intercom solution designed to provide secure access control and seamless communication between residents and visitors. It consists of a high-definition camera (outdoor unit), a touch screen (indoor monitor), and integration with the Tuya smart home platform. This system is built on Analog High Definition (AHD) technology, ensuring clear and detailed video transmission, even in low-light conditions.  Comparing with IP cameras, AHD can deliver real-time video stream with zero latency, which is crucial important feature for intercom system. Our Tuya video door phone intercom system can connect up to 2 outdoor units and 6 indoor monitors, the master outdoor units can support electric lock integration for smart access control application, and the indoor monitors can support internal calls and call forwarding features.

Tuya door phone intercom system diagram

Features and Benefits

High-Definition Video: The AHD camera delivers crisp and clear video footage (2-Megapixel, 1080p), enabling users to identify visitors with precision. This feature is essential for enhancing security and monitoring access to the premises.

Two-Way Audio Communication: The intercom system facilitates real-time (zero video latency), two-way communication between residents and visitors. This feature allows for seamless interaction, enabling residents to communicate with and screen visitors before granting access.

Remote Access and Control: Through integration with the Tuya smart home platform, users can remotely access and manage the intercom system from their smartphones or other connected devices. This capability offers added convenience and control, allowing users to monitor and manage access to their property from anywhere.

Motion Detection and Alerts: The system is equipped with motion detection capabilities, triggering alerts and notifications when activity is detected near the entrance. This feature enhances security by providing real-time alerts to residents, allowing them to respond promptly to potential security threats.

Night Vision: With built-in infrared technology, the AHD camera ensures clear visibility even in low-light or nighttime conditions, maintaining security and surveillance capabilities around the clock.

Easy Installation and Integration: The Tuya AHD Door Phone Intercom System is designed for easy installation and seamless integration with existing smart home setups, making it accessible to a wide range of users.

Applications and Use Cases

The Tuya AHD Door Phone Intercom System is well-suited for various residential, commercial, and institutional applications:

Residential Security: Homeowners can use the system to monitor and control access to their homes, enhancing overall security and peace of mind.

Multi-Tenant Buildings: Property managers and residents in multi-tenant buildings can leverage the intercom system to manage visitor access and enhance building security.

Commercial Properties: Businesses can utilize the system to monitor access to their premises, screen visitors, and improve overall security measures.

Institutional Settings: Educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and government buildings can benefit from the enhanced security and communication features offered by the intercom system.


The Tuya AHD Door Phone Intercom System represents a significant advancement in smart security and access control technology. By combining high-definition video, two-way audio communication, and seamless integration with the Tuya smart home platform, this system offers users a comprehensive solution for enhancing security and convenience. With its diverse applications and user-friendly features, the Tuya AHD Door Phone Intercom System is poised to play a pivotal role in redefining the standards of modern access control and intercom systems.


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