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Tuya smart video doorbell

Battery powered or Hardwired, Tuya Smart Doorbell

Smart video doorbells are useful tool not only makes your life become easier and more convenient, but also provides additional safety for your property. With smart doorbell installed, you can answer door anywhere anytime and will not miss a visitor or your package, you can get informed immediately when it detects people, also recording video to the memory card or upload to the cloud servers. In a nutshell, the smart video doorbell is not just a security camera, it provides many useful features, it’s more powerful. It becomes essential for residence, office.

When we buy smart video doorbells, there are many choices, they can be mainly divided into two groups including wire-free/battery powered and hardwired. Here we explain the difference between them.

Pros and Cons of Hardwired Smart Doorbell

  • √ Uninterrupted power supply, high reliability
  • √ 24-hour video recording and streaming capability
  • √ Upgrading exist doorbell chime system easily
  • √ Maintenance-free
  • × Require running power or network cable
  • × Require experts to install
  • × High installation cost
  • × Not removable

Since hardwired smart doorbells require running power cables, it may damage the decoration of the property. It’s the ideal choice when the property is still in modeling/constructing/decorating phase.

Tuya Hardwired Smart Video Doorbell
Tuya Hardwired Smart Video Doorbell

Pros and Cons of Wire-free smart doorbell

  • √ Completely wire-free, no cable connection
  • √ Do-it-yourself installation
  • √ Low installation cost
  • × Require charging smart doorbell three times per year
  • × Don’t support 24-hour video monitoring and recording

Wire-free smart doorbells are suitable for almost all types of property from residential to commercial. The installation of wire-free smart doorbell requires no cable connection and they can be easily installed without compromise the decoration of the condominium/apartment/office.

Tuya Battery Powered Smart Video Doorbell
Tuya Battery Powered Smart Video Doorbell

Why Tuya smart doorbell?

We can easily find and buy smart devices powered by Tuya platform. Unlike Google nest/Amazon Alexa/Netgear, Tuya smart devices reach thousand kinds and most importantly they are affordable. One app controls every smart device from security sensors to your home appliances. 

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