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Outdoor indoor wireless PIR motion sensor

Outdoor indoor wireless PIR motion sensor pet-immunity/friendly

DG85 - industrial grade passive infrared motion sensor for indoor/outdoor motion detection. It adopts two PIR sensors (Up and Down) to accurately pick up the human movement, while avoid false alarms triggered by animals/pets.

DG85 adopts dual optical filtering system to minimize the interference of UV ray (white light), the sensor can provide extremely reliable and false alarm free, it can provide up to 40 kg pet immunity. The sensor supports multi-level sensitivity adjustment, works with wireless alarm system and hardwired alarm.

This motion sensor adopts IP66 weatherproof housing design, allows it to work in both indoor and outdoor environment (from -35°C up to 50°C). The internal sensor board is removable to enable user to change its position for optimum motion detection.

Download product's brochure: DG85 Motion Sensor

  • Model: DG85
  • Sensor type: Two Dual Element Infrared/li>
  • Sensor geometry: Rectangular
  • Coverage: 90° (standard) 11m x 11m (35ft x 35ft)
  • Installation height:2m to 2.7m (7ft to 9ft)
  • Operating temperature:-20°C to +50°C (-4°F to +122°F)
  • Voltage input:10 to 16 VDC
  • Current consumption: 30mA Maximum
  • Lens: 2nd generation Fresnel lens
  • Alarm output: Form A relay 100mA/28Vdc, N.C. Form C relay 5A/28Vdc, N.C./N.O.
  • Anti-tamper switch:150mA/28Vdc, N.C.
  • RFI / EMI rejection:10V/m
  • Detection speed:0.2m/s to 3.5m/s (0.6ft/s to 11.5ft/s)

Wireless Indoor PIR Motion Sensor

Passive infrared motion sensor, the basic and reliable security sensor for your home alarm system. This detector adopts dual-elements PIR motion sensor to provide wide angle motion detection, it's ideal for guarding indoor space applications.

VS-WH700 is powered by 2x 1.5V AA batteries, utilizing ultra low power and anti-UV (white light) design to provide stable and accurate performance. It's a pet friendly sensor, pet immunity up to 20 kg.

It's a wireless PIR motion sensor, works with 433MHz/868MHz wireless home alarm system. Adopts built-in antenna, wireless range reaches up to 100 meters.

  • Model: VS-WH700
  • Power supply: 2 * 1.5V AA Batteries
  • Stand by current: 16uA
  • Alarm current: 10mA
  • Installation Height: 1.8m - 2.4m
  • Installation Method: Wall/Ceiling mounted
  • Detection Range: 12m * 12m, 100°
  • Sensor: Duel-core PIR sensors
  • Pulse count: 2/3 Level Adjustable
  • Sensitivity: High/Low for choosing
  • Temperature Compensation: Auto compensation
  • Detection Speed: 0.2m/s - 3.5m/s
  • Anti-EMI: 0.1 - 500MHz/30V/m
  • White light protection >1,000,000Lux
  • Working temperature: -10C~ 55C
  • Wireless Frequency: 433MHz/868MHz
  • RF range: >=100 meters (Open space)

PIR motion sensor is ideal for interior space guarding and protection. The detector is one of fundamental security sensors to your smart home automation/security system. It adopts passive infrared detection technology to accurately pickup the movement of human beings. The detector can work at day & night, it doesn't emit any infrared ray, ultra low power consumption design allows it work with 2x 1.5V AA batteries.

This detector has built-in RF module, it communicates with wireless alarm panel through 433MHz/868Mhz frequency.

  • Model: VS-WH600
  • Compatible with our all security panels
  • Working frequency: 433MHz/868MHz
  • Wireless Range: 100 meters (open space)
  • Detection technology: Passive Infrared (PIR)
  • Detection scope: 12m * 12m, 100°
  • Sensitivity: High/Low for choosing
  • Communication: 2-way communication
  • Power supply: 2 * 1.5V AA Batteries
  • Working modes: Test/Work
  • Working temperature: -10C~ 55C

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