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NXP JN5168 ZigBee Module

Introduction to NXP JN5168 ZigBee Module

ZigBee is one of well-known smart home automation protocols that widely used in today’s smart devices. Texas Instrument, Freescal, ATMEL are three major ZigBee solution providers, however today we plan to introduce you the NXP ZigBee solution. NXP JN5168 is NXP’s first industrial grade ZigBee RF chip, NXP RF department (formerly Jennic) developed the world first 2.4GHz RF solution and supporting IEEE802.15.4

ZigBee Smart Home Kit (NXP JN5168)

High performance processor

JN5168 owns a high performance 32-bit RISC CPU, having a breakthrough on data processing and ZigBee networking capability, also supporting multiple wireless protocols including ZigBee Home Automation, ZigBee Light Link, ZigBee Smart Energy, JenNet-IP and RF4CE etc, which greatly helping the devices connect to Internet.

NXP JN5168 ZigBee Module

NXP JN5168 ZigBee Module

Extreme Low Power

NXP ZigBee smart home automation kit includes PIR motion sensors, Door/Window sensors, wireless switches. All of them adopting simple installation, adopting battery as the power supply, the PIR motion sensor’s battery can last 2-3 years, while JN5168 has extreme low sleep power consumption, low to 100nA, it’s the extreme low power consumption ZigBee solution.

NXP JN5168 Low Power Consumption

Excellent penetration capability

When deploying the entire solution, it’s necessary to consider the power consumption, should also be considered for apartment, villas and other multi-barrier installation environment, JN5168 has superior receiving sensitivity and can applied to complex industrial site for smart home products.

NXP JN5168 ZigBee RF transmission

Automatic Retransmission mechanism

In addition, JN5168 hardware support hardware automatic retransmission, frame automatic acknowledgment mechanism, clear channel assessment (CCA), very good to ensure that data packets reach success, and greatly improve the communication efficiency of ZigBee. And, like the above ZM5168 series module parameters (including all parameters and the ZigBee) can be freely adjusted through the configuration tool, a graphical user interface configured to implement ZigBee networking communication.

Support large-scale networking protocol

Node capacity has been a major neck-bottle of all kinds of ZigBee solution. ZM5168 series ZigBee module equipped FastZigBee large scale networking protocol, there are more than 10,000 nodes in the real application, which is also well proven JN5168 has greater node capacity.

NXP JN5168 ZigBee Node Networking

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