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Modern agriculture

Farmers embrace photoelectric beam based security system

Modern farmers like photoelectric beam detectors which can be used to setup a perimeter alarm monitoring system. Many reason why farmers like it, cost issue is one of them. Typically farmers have middle and even low income, only low cost perimeter solution affordable to them, photoelectric beam system requires little money to invest. Low cost derives from two aspects; the one is equipment is inexpensive, the feature that photoelectric beam can protect/monitor a large area as much as up to 500 squire meters, which saves five times money comparing other security systems.  Installation cost is another factor when selecting right system for farm protection, unlike security cameras which require to use DVR/NVR and a monitor, photoelectric beam detectors can directly connect to alarm controller, you need fewer equipment to use photoelectric beam system. Installation cost of security camera system is more sophisticated than photoelectric beam system.

Works better than security cameras

it saves your money yet works better than security camera system. Certainly, combining perimeter alarm system and surveillance cameras is the best solution, but it's too expensive for normal farmers. With limited budget, perimeter photoelectric beam is the right choice. Few farmers use security cameras, because it seems security cameras do a little help on protect farms from possible burglary, crop damage, illegal fishing etc illegal activities or nature hazards. Many farm are away from their residences, to guard their farms, people usually built a shelter and  live there temporarily during vegetables, crops, fruits, plants growing season. 

By using photoelectric beam based perimeter alarm system can protect your farms remotely. It doesn't require you to watch surveillance video 24 hours a day, it can deter intruders when unwanted people sneak in from borders, you can bee notified through several ways including phone call,  SMS, instant push notification. It's unmanned alarm monitoring system can improve productivity and yield true protection. 

Photoelectric beams protect agriculture farms
Photoelectric Beam Detectors Protect Farms

Better than physical fence

Many don't know existence of photoelectric beams, they build a physical wall with metal fence which costs much more money, meanwhile can't really stop thieves. Photoelectric beam creates invisible barriers around farm borders, it can be mounted on steel or wooden poles. The system is beautiful, it notifies you instantly when break-in happens and can be moved easily when you wish to relocate the borders. Obviously, physical fence doesn't own these advantages. 

Photoelectric beam detectors are also suitable to protect rivers, reservoirs, ponds. It's a great security tool for fish farming. It can alert you when someone approaches river or farm, it can stop illegal fishing and prevent economic losses.  

Eco-friendly security system

Photoelectric beam is also eco-friendly, because power consumption is very low, you are able to use small or medium size solar panel to supply power which allow you to have a solar powered security system can reduce electricity usage.  For people look for a simpler solution, you can use solar powered wireless photoelectric beam detectors.

Unifore, the leading security equipment manufacturer recommend users to choose new generation photoelectric beam detectors with selectable frequencies. Our products are designed to cater the needs for reliable and durable perimeter alarm monitoring projects from both residential and agriculture farming. They are anti-white light interference and IP65 waterproof, can withstand heavy rain, dust, strong light interference. The product adopts AGC circuit which can reduce or increase IR power emission  to cope with sunshine/foggy/dew weather conditions. The product can connect PTC resistor for heating purpose make it can operate under extreme weather conditions, it still can operate properly in snowing days.

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