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XPOE Technology

Introduction to XPOE NVR/IPC Technology

XM, one of famous video surveillance solution provider has revealed a new technology called XPOE upon it’s going to celebrate its anniversary of founding. XPoE is the abbreviation of XM Power Over Ethernet. The company advocates new XPoE technology is better than existing and standardized power over ethernet. It comes coaxial HD, network HD, consumer security etc technologies together, it’s based on POE, but more superior than it, according to the press release from XM's website.

XPOE is more cost effective than POE

XPOE is based on Ethernet cable to transmit video, controlling, power supply together, it can reduce usage of cables and save cost also can simplify installation. XPOE is more cost effective than PoE because it has lower requirement on quality of Ethernet cable. E.g. Using normal 4-cores Ethernet can achieve signal transmission, merely using DS-1LN5E-E/E cat5 standard Ethernet cable can reach transmission range up to 300 meters. The cost is lower, yet transmission range is much further than PoE.

No video latency Plug&Play

XPOE integrates HD coaxial technology, when shooting motion objects, the image quality and fluency is incomparable with PoE, it can achieve zero video latency, instant image, plug&play advantages. 

XM XPOE Instant Image No Video Latency
Plug&Play Instantly Showing Image

Compatible conventional network cameras

XPOE NVR board can support video inputs from 4-Channel XPOE compliant IPC and 4-Channel conventional IPC, there is no restriction on mode, can make surveillance project more flexible and cater the need in market. XPOE NVR can support conventional network cameras from third-party manufacturers.

Standard application: 4x XPOE IPC + 1x 4CH XPOE NVR (maximum Ethernet length 200 meters) 

XPOE Standard Application
XPOE Standard Application

Expandable application: 4x XPOE IPC + 1x 4CH XPOE NVR + Router + 4x normal IPC

XPOE Expandable Application
XPOE Expandable Application

XM XPOE technology has integrated with consumer security technology, can support instant connection or accessing by smartphone app remotely. The connection success rate is 100%, it also adopts MD5+ private encryption to secure video data. XPOE IPC products adopt digital frame overlay technology, under dim lighting condition can effectively reduce image noise, increase clarity and night vision performance is far better than conventional network cameras.

Multiple Viewing on Smartphone App
Multiple Viewing on Smartphone App

Surge+lightning-over-heat protection

XPOE products has all protection circuit design to offer reliable performance. XPOE module has anti-surge protection design can prevent product from being damaged by surged voltage. It also have over-current circuit design, it can monitor current flow, when it reaches the threshold, the product can shut it down to protect it from damage. PD controller has internal under voltage protection. The product also has over-heat protection design to protect products.

  • Low cost XPOE products, -C series, for example NBD7904T-PLC-XPOE, NBD8904T-GSC-XPOE, NBD8908T-PLC-XPOE etc, transmission range 50 meters, can compete non-PoE camera NVR system market.
  • Supporting audio XPOE product, for example NBD7904T-PL-XPOE, NBD8904T-GS-XPOE, NBD8908T-PL-XPOE, NBD8908T-GS-XPOE, transmission range 200 meters, comparing with existing PoE products, it has higher performance, yet lower cost advantages.
  • XM has a plan to release 4*XPOE+4*IPC, 8*XPOE+8*IPC, 16*XPOE+16*IPC products, which supporting more video channels. 

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