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19 security cameras on metal pole

How to install IR illuminator for security camera?

For better night vision performance of your video surveillance system, user can choose to install separate IR illuminators which have vandal-resistant and weatherproof design. The installation of IR illuminators can be time-consuming in aiming the target due to the invisible characteristic of infrared.  In this article we will show you how to install the IR illuminators quickly, while get the optimal performance.

IR illuminators are modern devices for providing homogeneous Infrared light in the monitored area in order to enable CCTV cameras to capture images in low-light or no-light environments. LED array IR illuminators are designed with LED array (instead of a conventional set of IR diodes) which, together with optical lens, ensures desired operational angle and distance.

The IR illuminators cooperate with day/night cameras, make perfect sets for night surveillance. Their twilight sensors in combination with high-efficiency IR LEDs provide very good results, with relatively low power consumption.

To get the final result for getting an excellent performance, We start from an emphasis on lens selection, then go to camera installation and IR illuminator installation, fine-tune, and finally describe the operation key points. Users are encouraged to follow the procedures and install step by step, so that a qualified installation is expected. 

1# Choosing IR corrected lens

When choosing lens for security camera, a lens with IR correction is recommended. It shall be installed on a day & night camera to avoid focus shift issue as infrared illuminating.

Conventional camera lenses are being designed for the visible light spectrum, once used in the infrared. This will produce an out of focus and blurry image, even after re-adjusting the lens. IR-corrected lens has extremely fine resolution in near infrared because there is no offset of focus position from visible light to infrared. IR corrected lens can produce a clear image.

2# Install security camera

Mount the camera to the place, adjust the camera shooting direction and zoom of lens till the intended field of view is obtained. Lock the camera tightly. Additionally, access camera's menu, make sure the camera works in night mode, so that it can sense the infrared light.

3# Install IR illuminator (SLI080)

Install the IR illuminator (SLI080) as close as possible to the camera, with its IR beam in parallel with the camera's line of sight, as shown below. Then, screw it roughly, so as to do fine adjustment later on.

Install IR illuminator  in parallel with the camera’s line of  sight

4# Coarse check

Turn on SLI080 and adjust zoom of the lens to WIDE position. You are probably able to see a bright illuminated scene in center of screen if the alignment between camera and SLI080 is perfect, as illustrated below. If not, please continue to next step.

5# Fine Tune

Now, please adjust the illuminating direction of SLI080 in pan and tilt, step by step, back and forth, till a bright illuminated image appears on center of screen. Then, screw the SLI080 tightly to complete the installation.

6# Even illuminated scene

The beam angle of SLI080 is 10∘, so a lens with similar view angle shall be used to get best even illuminated scene, avoiding the hot spot image. On the lens used above, you can adjust zoom to TELE side and an even illuminated scene is obtained.

7# Diffuser

An optical diffuser is built in the SLI080 to enhance the even illumination and eliminate hot spot image. You can control that by moving the screw on side, as shown below. With diffuser ON, the IR beam angle will increase but the effective illuminating distance becomes shorter

IR Illuminator - Diffuser Position Control

8# Adjust the IR intensity

If the scene is still over-illuminated even the optical diffuser has been ON, please adjust the pot. ”LED power” to reduce the light intensity. The pot. is located inside, so please open the control panel on side as shown above to get access that.

Caution: The Infrared illuminator is equipped with high power IR LEDs which can be hazardous to your eyes, although it is invisible. Please don’t stare at the cover surface once powered ON.

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