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Z-Wave Home Automation System

Wireless Z-Wave Home Automation System - Fibaro System

Fibaro System, Poland based smart automation/control system brand. The company offers wireless smart home automation solution utilized Z-Wave protocol. The company offers Home Center 2, Home Center Lite system, a wide range of wireless sensors and accessories (including motion sensor, flood sensor, smoke sensor, door/window sensor, RGBW LED lamp, smart wall plug).

#1. Professional Wireless Automation System

Fibaro claimed that their system is the best solution for residential and commercial building automation on the market. Due to implement of the wireless technology, users can upgrade existing electrical system with Fibaro miniaturized modules. Additionally, the system doesn't use hardwired cable for communication. Once the system installed, Fibaro system can be uninstalled or relocated once you want to change the interior design of your house or office.

#2. Wide range of security automation sensors

Fibaro adopts Z-Wave protocol to provide full freedom of control and communication. The system can work with countless different types of Z-Wave sensors and accessories from over 300 independent manufacturers. Additionally, it can work with wireless network camera allows you to remotely monitor your home or office. Allowing you to stay in touch and in control. View live video from anywhere with any internet based computer and smartphones. Furthermore, Fibaro offers multi-sensor technology (4-in-1) based innovative motion sensor, wired/wireless smoke sensor (with fire temperature detection), wired/wireless flood sensor and more.

#3. Powerful Z-Wave Control Unit

Home Center 2, Home Center lite are Z-wave enabled home automation hubs. Home Center 2 is a fast running system based on powerful Intel ATOM 1.GHz processor, 1GB RAM and 2GB SLC Hard Drive. The system can connect to your local router via wired Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi. Fibaro Home Center 2 and Home Center Lite supports combined functionality and many different scenes. Home Center Lite is Cortex A8 based system, it can connect up to 230 Z-Wave devices. Fibaro systems are compatible with third-party devices like Sonos speaker, Nest thermostat, iRobot and netatmo’s products. Its system can connects to security sensors, cameras, alarm systems, sprinklers, front door, lighting, heating system, and shutters.

Fibaro Home Center 2

#4. Cat eye Motion Sensor

Fibaro motion sensor is a cat eye ball design 4-in-1 motion sensor, offers a wide field view and long range motion detection. It has built-in 4 different sensors including motion sensor for burglary detection, temperature sensor to collect temperature data, level sensor to detect vibration, light sensor to detect intensity of light (Lux). The motion sensor can not only detect intrusion, but also help you to create scenarios.

Fibaro Motion Sensor

#5. Cutting Edge Smart Smoke Sensor

Fibaro smoke sensor is a compact design smoke sensor, the sensor can be powered either by battery or a socket. it's hardwired and wireless sensor, works with other hardwired security panels. Aside its smoke detection, the sensor has built-in temperature sensor, which is ideal for no too much smoke fire detection. Additionally, this smoke sensor can collect smoke density data, then upload to Home Center control hub. Users can use the smartphone or PC to monitor this data real time from anywhere. Fibaro system will help you protect your family from fire and other threats. You decide what action Home Center is to take in case of fire, flood or break-in.

Fibaro Smoke Sensor

#6. Fibaro gesture control unit

Fibaro plans to launch a new product - Swipe, a hidden and slim gesture control unit. It can allow user to put behind the wall or under the table. Users can control lights and shutters by swiping hands in different directions. The product is going to release in H2 2015.

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