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What are the advantages of HD-CVI Camera

HD-CVI standards High Definition Composite Video Interface, its latest HD standard for analog surveillance system. It can achieve 720P/1080P HD video transmission over coaxial cable. Today's monitoring system has started its transformation from conventional "being able to see" system to "high definition" system. Henceforth, here born with many megapixel HD technologies such as IP, HD-SDI, HD-CVI, SLOC and so on, also introduced new HD technologies including HDTVI and AHD.

Before the HD-CVI technology, IP technology has been dominated as the only megapixel resolution solution for many years, compare with IP technology, other technologies occupy tiny market shares. HDCVI technology is now reversing this situation, why HDCVI products can do this, this article will explain it, and let you know what the advantage of HD-CVI technology.

Cost-effective HD solution

HDCVI products was designed with at least megapixel resolution, 720P camera can deliver images with up to 1.0 megapixel resolution, its resolution is two times than traditional analog system. 1080P HDCVI camera can deliver images with up to 2 megapixel resolution, which is four times higher than conventional analog system. It directly determines the quality of video monitoring. Moreover, HDCVI can support long range loss-less video transmission which reaches up to 500 meters, that's the another advantage of HD-CVI technology.

While more and more system requires audio and control signal transmission over coaxial cable, but the standard analog system can't support audio and control signal transmission in a single coaxial cable.

HDCVI high definition monitoring feature can meet the demands of high quality monitoring from customers. Some entry 720P HDCVI products are very affordable, and the price is similar to current standard analog products. Now you can upgrade your existing coax system to HD coaxial system without adding extra product costs.

Simple architecture design to ensure its stability

HDCVI is a plug-and-play HD analog technology, simple to use, and without video latency video transmission. After connection, then will work, it's one of the most easiest system among HD system. However, IPC and SLOC system not only require hard-wire connection, but also require users to config the IP address, gateway and need to avoid IP address conflict, video latency, incompatibility between different web browsers...and other software incompatibility issues. In case a problem arise, it's difficult to solve the problem. This definitely will increase the maintenance fee.

Close-circuit transmission - high information security

For the video monitoring or surveillance, typically the system is close-circuit, only for internal accessing. Nobody want to be spied by other people through cameras. However, IP technology utilizes WAN network for video transmission, which means it exposes to intrusion threats, even using the encryption to protect the data. For instance, the recent found bugs of "highest secure" SSL technology. HDCVI system adopts close-circuit transmission, it will not leak any data/video, thus CCTV surveillance system is widely used in financial field.

Coaxial cable infrastructure is difficult to move/change

Even under the premise that system can meet the requirements on both image quality and functions, installers will encounter the problems during installation. Analog surveillance system uses the coaxial cable, such as 75-3, 75-5 as for video transmission. All these cables was buried under the ground, most of them penetrated through wall, road. For upgrading the traditional system, it's best to choose the HDCVI products. The HDCVI inherited the traditional analog technology, it can use the existing 75-3 coaxial cable for video transmission, which means you can upgrade your standard analog system to HD, in turn saves huge amount of budget.

Abroad types of HDCVI products for selection

It has been almost one years after announcement of HD-CVI technology. Now Dahua can provide wide range of HDCVI products including cameras to video storage recorder. The HDCVI cameras including 720P and 1080P resolution, they comes with different types including standard box, bullet, vandal-proof dome and PTZ dome. Some models have WDR function to meet the demands from specific surveillance applications.

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