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Smart Alarm System

Smart Alarm System - comes free Smartphone App, you can control the system from anywhere through Android and iPhone. The system is based on cellular technology for reliable alarm connection. It allows user to preset up to five phone numbers for alarm receiving. No monitoring contract and monthly fee.

Unifore's smart alarm system adopts intuitive touch-pad design, embedded with user-friendly menu system, which is ideal for Do-it-yourself installation and self-monitoring. Aside its burglary detection, the system can work with fire sensors to provide fire detection. Through working with flood sensor to give you an alert for water leak. Additionally, it has built-in temperature sensor to work as thermostats, and also support temperature alert.

Smart alarm system is compatible with CID (Contact ID) protocol, works with digital alarm receiver. It can be linked into your local central monitoring station for paid monitoring service.

Wireless Home Alarm System

Wireless Home Alarm System Smartphone App

Wireless alarm system based on GSM/PSTN technologies, 30 wireless zones, 4 hardwired zones, touch keypad design, comes with smartphone App
Simple Light/Sound Alarm System - Diamond

Simple Light/Sound Alarm System - Diamond

Standalone simple alert system, work with alarm system as indoor wireless siren, built-in signal booster to extend wireless signal, 433MHz/868MHz

Smart Wireless Door/Window Sensor

Smart Wireless Door/Window Sensor

Smart door/window sensor for perimeter security, 433MHz/868MHz, ideal for perimeter security
Wireless Smoke Sensor

Fire Alarm Wireless Smoke Sensor

Fire alarm essential, wireless smoke sensor, works standalone or connects to wireless alarm system, compliant with EN14604; UL217
Outdoor PIR Motion Sensor

Outdoor PIR Motion Sensor - Pet Immune

Hardwired PIR motion sensor, IP66 rated design for outdoor, Dual PIR motion sensors for accurate motion detection, 25 kg pet immue
Indoor PIR Motion Sensor

Wireless Indoor PIR Motion Sensor

Wireless PIR motion sensor, ideal for indoor movement detection, 433/868Hz to connect with alarm panel, pet immunity up to 20 kg, multi-level sensitivity adjustment.
Wireless Outdoor Solar Siren 433/868MHz

Wireless Outdoor Solar Siren 433/868MHz

Wireless strobe siren powered by solar panel, built-in backup battery to offer 24/7 service, 2015 new design, supports 433MHz/868MHz

Wireless Touch RFID Alarm Keypad

Wireless Touch Keypad with RFID

Designed to work with wireless alarm panel, 433MHz/868MHz wireless keypad with RFID function