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2MP Mini PTZ Bullet Camera

2/4 Megapixels 10x Zoom H.265 PTZ Bullet Camera

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IP video surveillance technology is evolving, Unifore is delighted to recommend you the latest H.265 PTZ bullet camera which is a great product for outdoor perimeter video monitoring applications. The product can not only deliver 2/4 megapixel resolution video with crystal clear image, but also features H.265, 10x optical zoom, automatically pan & tilt rotation which make it stand out among traditional network bullet cameras.

Cutting edge H.265 Technology

H.265 is the next generation video compression standard, it’s also referred as high efficiency video codec, which means it provides super high efficiency on video compression. According to the real test, comparing conventional H.264, H.265 technology can reduce 50% file size of video stream while retaining the same high image quality, which means end users can invest 50% less budget on network transmission and video storage.

H.265 vs H.264 bitrate storage  

Powerful 10x Optical Zoom

10x optical zoom capability allows the camera can perfectly handle both short distance and long distance video monitoring requirement. The camera view scope supports from 1 metre to 100 metre. The powerful optical zoom lens also can make installation super easy, no need manually to adjust focal length, the camera can automatically adjust zoom and auto-focus to capture high clarity image. Furthermore, 10x optical zoom capability can allow you to have a close-up view and enlarge image without losing detail which can greatly help to identify people, car plate license number.

10x Optical Zoom Capability
10x Optical Zoom

Near 360° Panoramic Viewing

The camera supports pan & tilt rotation, it offers the ability to fast and precisely rotate on a 260°pan and 75°tilt to monitor a super wide area. It covers the entire area without blind spots. Using one PTZ bullet camera can replace at least four conventional bullet cameras. You can manually rotate the camera via web browser, VMS software, NVR, smartphone App. Alternatively, you can easily set up 256 preset positions and up to 8 patrol routers and maximum 4 patterns to let camera automatically and smartly rotate.

Bullet Camera Supports Pan & Tilt
Panoramic Viewing with Pan & Tilt Rotation

Incredible 3D Intelligent Positioning

3D intelligent positioning is supported. The PTZ bullet cam can be easily controlled by using a mouse which is truly user-intuitive. Click the mouse on interesting area, the camera can automatically rotate to the position and zoom in to enlarge image to get details. You can also use the mouse to select a area, then the area willo become the central area of monitoring with automatic zoom in or zoom out action. Rolling the mouse wheel up and down, the video image will be zoomed in and zoomed out immediately. 3D positioning function makes object tracking and video monitoring more smarter.

4-megapixel (HS-SCB415I4P-V10) adopts industry leading SoC - Hi3516D SoC. The dual-core processor can support 2D+3D noise reduction to enhance image quality, it also support true wide dynamic range so that the camera can still capture high clarity image even under challenging lighting conditions. Both H.265 and H.264 video compression are supported which makes the camera to be compatible with conventional and new IP video surveillance system. In terms of image sensor, the camera uses a 1/2.7-inch Sony Exmor CMOS image sensor - IMX326. Sony IMX326 is a 5-megapixel video surveillance dedicated image sensor featuring DOL-HDR (Digital Overlap High Dynamic Range). By integrating with Hisilicon Hi3516D, the image sensor can capture 2560 (H) x 1440 (V) resolution video which is 2K or 1440P format with 16:9 video aspect ratio. Dedicating to video surveillance application, Sony IMX326 also has excellent light sensitivity, this enables camera to see clearly under 0.01Lux low light environment, can capture color image under 0.05Lux light environment.

Ambarella SoC Sony CMOS Image Sensor
Ambarella SoC + Sony CMOS Sensor

2-megapixel (HS-SCB415IP-V10 & HS-SCB413IP-C06) camera utilizes American Ambarella SoC S2LM. It’s a powerful image processing processor based on Cortex A9 core CPU. S2LM supports 3D noise reduction and HDR to handle challenging lighting conditions. It supports H.264 video compression along with Ambarella unique Smart-AVC low-bitrate enhancement that allows 1080p HD video to be transmitted under 1 Mbps. Which CMOS sensor does it use? The camera uses Sony IMX323, it’s a 1080p CMOS image sensor that improved sensitivity in the near infrared region for video surveillance applications.

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Technical Specification

  • Model: HS-SCB415IDP-V10
  • Product Name: IP 10x Mini PTZ Bullet Camera
  • Image Sensor: 1/2.8" Sony Exmor CMOS Sensor
  • Effective Pixels: 2K/1440p, 1080p(1920x1080)
  • Motorized Lens: 5.1-51mm
  • IRIS: F2.0
  • Noise Reduction: 2D/3D-DNR
  • Day & Night: ICR
  • Electronic Shutter: 1/25s ~ 1/10000s
  • Min. Illumination: 0 Lux(IR on)
  • WDR: Support
  • Mirror Image: Level, Tilt, Centre
  • Network: 10/100Mbps RJ45 (+PoE)
  • microSD Card: Optional
  • Audio & Alarm IO: Optional
  • Pan Speed: 0.5°-15°/s; Pan Rotation Range: 0°-250°
  • Tilt Speed: 0.5°-10°/s; Tilt Rotation Range :-10°-55°
  • Preset Positions: 255
  • Auto Scan: 8 groups (setup left and right boundary
  • Auto Cruising: 8 groups (32 Preset/group)
  • Pattern Scanning: 4 groups
  • Video Analysis Dimming: Support
  • Timing: Support
  • OSD Menu: English/Chinese
  • Housing Material: Metal
  • Power Supply: DC12V/POE
  • Protection Level: IP66/the secondary lightning protection, 3000V anti-surge design
  • Working Temp. Range: -35℃-+55℃
  • Working Humidity: <95%, no condensing
  • Power consumption: ≤12W
  • Weight: 920g
  • Others: Wall Bracket

Model Information

Codec Max. Resolution Specification Interface Model
H.264/H.265 4MP (2560x1440)@25/30fps Hi3516D + IMX326 1CH RJ45; 1CH DC12V HS-SCB415I4P-V10
H.264 2MP (1920x1080)@25/30fps S2LM + IMX323 1CH RJ45; 1CH DC12V HS-SCB415IP-V10
H.264 2MP (1920x1080)@25/30fps S2LM + IMX323 1CH RJ45; 1CH DC12V HS-SCB413IP-C06 (6mm lens)

Production Status

Available (in production)

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