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Solar powered 4G Wi-Fi outdoor security camera

Solar powered outdoor starlight security camera HW2

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HW2 is a solar powered outdoor security camera that includes a separate monocrystalline silicon panel that covert sunlight to energy. The solar panel provides the main power supply and charge the internal backup battery inside. The design ensures the camera can work 365 days with minimum maintenance. Comparing with other models, this product employs a starlight low illumination CMOS image sensor that has the capability to see color image under moon light condition. Furthermore, it has white light LEDs that not only illuminate the monitoring area, but also provide the visual deterrent.

HW2 is the ideal security camera for outdoor video surveillance applications, unlike conventional security cameras, it uses a microwave radar/doppler senor to provide accurate human movement detection. When it detects intrusion, alarm will be tripped, the camera will start to record video footage and send instant push notification to your smartphone. Comparing with PIR motion sensor that is prone to be interfered by temperature changes, microwave radar can provide you accurate detection that filters false alarms caused by temperature changes, bugs, pests.

The product adopts 2-megapixel image sensor and Ingenic T20 SoC, the hardware is highly advanced and low power consumption, hence with help of built-in 10400mAH battery, the camera can work 150 days. Because of integration of solar power, you don’t need to bother charge the battery manually. It has a Wi-Fi module or 4G LTE modem built-in to support wireless or cellular network connection. The 4G model enables camera to use cellular network for accessing and streaming. Thanks to the high efficient video compression technology, the camera only consumers 120Mb per hour when delivers video stream over cellular network.

Product highlights

  • 4G LTE outdoor security camera, completely wire-free
  • Independent solar panel provides power supply
  • 4G LTE remote video monitoring and recording
  • No external power supply, no Ethernet cable
  • Portable design for easy installation and quick deployment
  • Eliminating all wires and maintenance-free
  • Built-in industry-level 4G LTE modem, works without Wi-Fi
  • Accept 4G SIM card, completely portable
  • Stable 4G cellular connection, external antenna design
  • Including 6V 6Watt high-conversion rate silicon solar panel
  • Solar panel can generate energy even under cloudy/rainy days
  • Solar panel has 5-meters length cable offers the flexibility to mount it
  • Built-in 10400mAH large capacity rechargeable battery
  • Security camera works in scenarios like ponds, garden, farms, parking lots, villas, warehouses, park, construction sites
  • IP65 rated weatherproof design to handle harsh weather conditions
  • Microwave radar provides accurate human movement detection
  • Motion detection distance within 9-12 meters
  • When motion detection occurs, camera will record video and send push notification
  • Microwave radar that can better get adapted into outdoor environment
  • Radar is immune to high temperature , while PIR sensor may fail to operate in 30-39°Celsius
  • 1080p FHD video resolution with nearly 85 degree viewing angle (3.6mm lens)
  • Without artificial lights, it still captures color video under nature moonlight
  • Microphone and speaker built-in to support audio function
  • MicroSD/TF memory card offers max. 64GB video storage
  • Automatically record video when motion detection occurs
  • Automatically erase oldest video files when memory card is full
  • AP hotspot function, smart devices can directly connect with the cam
  • Without Wi-Fi, you’re able to watch live video even record video clips
4G Security Camera Cellular Data Consumption
4G Security Camera Cellular Data Consumption

Product Specification

  • Model: HK-HW2-WF/4G
  • Image sensor: 1/2.7" low illumination CMOS
  • Processor: Ingenic T20 with 512Mb DDR
  • Video resolution: 1920x1080 25fps
  • Video compression: H.264
  • Video stream: main stream 1080p, sub-stream VGA
  • Day&night: full color video surveillance
  • Solar panel: monocrystal silicon 6V 6Watt
  • Charging current: 200mA per hour
  • White light: 4pcs LED array 30Watt
  • Light control: motion detection induced/manual/auto
  • Motion detection: microwave radar
  • Detection range: 9-12 meters
  • Lens: 3.6mm 80°field of view
  • Battery: 10400mAH Lithium polymer
  • Wi-Fi module: Broadcom BCM series
  • Wi-Fi standard: 2.4GHz 802.11 b/g/n
  • 4G cellular: FDD-LTE, TDD-LTE
  • 4G bitrate: 2Mbps-4Mbps per minute
  • Ingress protection: IP65
  • Application: indoor and outdoor
Solar powered Wi-Fi/4G LTE 1080p security camera

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