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Novi Security - WiFi smoke covert detector

WiFi smoke covert detector network camera - Novi

Do you look for a discreet way to protect your home or business? I am pleased to introduce an innovative design product - Novi, it's a smoke detector appearance covert camera. Actually, it's 4-in-1 detector has built-in HD camera, PIR motion sensor, smoke detector, siren. Being powered by batteries, it's a portable security system. Moreover, users can choose Novi Hub which can interconnect with total four cameras.

The covert camera can provide many hidden benefits, firstly it's difficult for intruders to notice the existence of monitoring camera, vandals also can't destroy cameras because the camera usually being mounted on ceiling pretends to be smoke detectors. Secondly, the product inventively combined PIR motion sensor and smoke detector, HD camera together offer versatile functions just using one product. 

Novi security cameras also come with free Smartphone App, the Novi App can allow user to remote control and access the system anywhere, anytime. The system communicates with user's smartphone App in real time. Once the sensor detects an alarm event, detector itself will make warning sound, meanwhile users will receive event notification with pictures. If you don't think self-monitoring is reliable, Novi security also offers you Novi+, including professional monitoring, cellular connection and cloud storage. Users can either pay a discounted annual fee with no contracts, or a month at a time with no contracts for the professional monitoring.

The Novi covert camera can be installed easily, you can mount the camera on the ceiling with either the 3M double tape or screws. Setup the system is straightforward, just download and install Novi App, placing the covert camera on the ceiling. After user finish the setup WiFi connection, you can instantly access the cameras. Being powered by batteries (last 12 months), users don't need to connect any wires. 

Three-step install, seriously, only three steps.

  • 1) Plug Hub into router,
  • 2) Sync Guard units to the Hub, and
  • 3) Place the Guards on the ceiling.
Navi Security System - Guard
Three-step install

A regular Novi hub (relay station) support WiFi network connection. It can store pictures transmitted from covert cameras. It can be equipped with 3G/4G cellular communicator as the backup of communication. This enables Novi hub to function even your home Internet goes down or power outage. Additionally, Novi security has built a tiered response system to deal with the situation when the user's phone is out of service. The users can register for more than one person to receive alarm alerts. If the users don't respond, then the system will sent the alert to the others according to user's setting.

Novi Guard

It's a 4-in-1 smart smoke appearance detector that can detect different abnormal events including motion, smoke. The detector can constantly surveys its environment and immediately sends an alert if any unusual activity is detected. 

Novi Hub

It's the relay station or the brain of Novi system. It connects to Internet via WiFi, it receives real-time updates from the Guard and delivers them straight to your phone.

Novi app

Novi App works with both Android and iPhone. The App allows you to control system remotely, you can Arm/Disarm your Novi system from the smartphone, or request pictures from any Novi covert camera in your home.

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