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Laser beam intrusion detector

What’s laser beam intrusion detector?

Laser can travel much further than Infrared ray, due to this factor, engineers inventor laser beam intrusion detector which can be applied to high-end perimeter intrusion monitoring applications. Besides photoelectric beam detector, laser beam detector also can be used for perimeter alarm monitoring. Similar to photoelectric beam detectors, a pair laser beam detector also consists of a laser transmitter and a laser receiver, it adopts visible laser technology, the laser transmitter continuously emits low-level laser ray after travel a long range distance to reach laser receiver. Due to high cost of equipment, currently laser beam security detector merely constrained to commercial perimeter intrusion monitoring applications.

Is laser beam intrusion sensor safe to human?

All laser beam detectors should comply laser safety rules, just like DVD/VCD/CD players, laser beam security detectors use class 1 laser emitting source which is totally safe, even for long term intentional viewing.

Comparing with photoelectric beam sensor, laser beam security detector can be suitable for long range distance protection owing to the factor laser travels further than infrared. We are able to provide you a range of laser beam intrusion detectors including dual, quad, sextuple laser beams detector having up to 500 meter coverage. The product has aluminum housing, adopting IP65 waterproof design for reliable outdoor installation.

Laser beam intrusion sensor key components
Laser beam intrusion sensor key components

Laser beam intrusion detector parameter

  • Model: ABF-2, ABF-4, ABF-6
  • Number of laser beams: 2, 4, 6
  • Laser wavelength: 808nm/980nm
  • Transmission distance: 0 - 500m
  • Defensing layer: dual layer
  • Detection method: laser interruption alarm
  • Working voltage: DC12V
  • Working current: transmitter 180mA; receiver 75mA
  • Alarm output: solid relay output, normal close, DC24V/1A
  • Angle: emitting angle <3°, receiving angle>10°
  • Product dimension: 6x8x49cm
  • Stand dimension: 11x13x0.6cm
  • Housing material: aluminum
  • Alarming time: 2s+-1s (1-30s selectable)
  • Response time: 5ms-500ms (adjustable)
  • Working temperature: -40 Celsius - 70 Celsius
  • Waterproof: IP67
  • Laser class: Class 1 safe laser product
  • MTBF: >120000 hours

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