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Helmet 1080p HD IP Camera

Market trend: 1080p smart IP camera for home security

Nowadays, users no longer want to install a complete video surveillance system for video monitoring and protection. Using a high definition IP camera with cloud storage service becomes the current trend in today's home video surveillance market. In order to meet this trend, many manufacturers launched 720p HD IP cameras with 7 days free cloud storage, plus a bunch of smart detection and alerting functions.  Since home security market is so big, the demands for DIY smart cameras keep significantly increasing, many startup companies join the competition, iFamcare is one of them.

When the majority of security manufacturers are focusing on developing 720p HD smart IP cameras, iFamcare is devoting time on developing the 1080p Full HD smart IP camera. On June, 2015, iSmartcare launched - Helmet, which is a 1080p smart camera for family video monitoring and sharing. This camera can allow you to communicate with your families, friends easily from anywhere anytime. In addition to pan/tilt rotation, WiFi, cloud service, push notification alert etc, this camera is equipped with a laser emitter which allows home users to play with pets such as cats, dogs, and other animals which like chasing the moving laser beam. Moreover, it has a built-in air sensor which can be used to work as smoke sensor for fire detection.

1080p Full HD Video Quality

iFamCare Helmet family monitor utilizes 2.0 megapixel progressive scan CMOS image sensor to deliver 1080p full high definition (1920x1080) resolution video which is higher than traditional 720p HD. The camera is equipped with a megapixel lens to offer wide angle view angle, with additional infrared illuminators which enable camera to view in low illumination or zero illumination (dark) environments.

Furthermore, the camera supports dual stream technology, which enables camera to deliver 1080p HD video in local network for video displaying and recording; another sub-stream with standard definition (720p, D1, CIF) video for smooth video broadcasting. Users can watch the live video stream over smart phones with 3G/4G or WiFi connection from anywhere.

Helmet 1080p HD IP Camera

Advanced Hardware Features

Helmet is a pan/tilt camera which support remote rotation. With the full coverage 360° pan and 70° tilt, you have control over the entire space. Additionally, it has built-in MicroSD card to support on-board video storage up to 128G. Similar to other home security cameras, Helmet supports day & night monitoring, it has infrared LEDs for night vision, distance up to 15 meters. The included 0.4mW laser emitter can let you play with your pets remotely. Moreover, Helmet camera has an unique air quality sensor which can automatically collect the air quality data and transmit to user's smartphone. User can know the air quality on smartphone.

iFamcare 1080p HD Camera - Helmet

Helmet is a video surveillance camera, it's also a social sharing camera, and a security system. Helmet has embedded with advanced, user-intuitive software system. It allows multiple users for remote video monitoring, users can choose different broadcasting modes, including public and private modes. The camera supports motion detection, can capture snapshots, send push notification and email alerts to smartphone.

Helmet is a smart IP camera which integrates with latest P2P function, it supports WiFi connection, user can setup the camera without using computer. Within one minute, you can finish to setup/install the Helmet camera. Included free smartphone App which is available for both Android and iPhone smartphones. As long as your smartphone has WiFi, 3G, 4G, LTE connections, you can access the camera anytime. Furthermore, it supports automatic network recovery feature, which enables camera to offer reliable performance.

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