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CMOS image sensor

Sony unveiled HD CMOS image sensor ISX019 built-in SoC

The global CMOS image sensor developer Sony recently unveiled its new product ISX019, the new CMOS image sensor creatively has a processor built-in. It’s the word first CMOS image sensor adopts System on Chin (SoC) architecture. ISX019 is a 1/3.8-inch progressive scan, back-illuminated progressive scan CMOS image sensor featuring high sensitivity and low noise performance. The logic circuit employs advanced engineering, can integrate mass circuit in a tiny size yet achieve low power consumption, moreover, ISX019 supports high dynamic range (HDR) function, by combing Sony exclusive Digital overlap (DoL) technology to achieve super contrast (SC), greatly improve image contrast. ISX019 is designed for applications like car rear camera, car panoramic camera etc.

Sony ISX019 CMOS Image Sensor
Sony ISX019

Product Features 

Four times higher light sensitivity than conventional image sensor
Support gain control shifting (HGC or LCG mode)
40% lower power consumption
High dynamic range (2-frames 100dB@60fps, 3-frames 120dB@30fps)
Super contrast function
AE/AWB auto exposure, auto white balance function
I2C peripheral communication
CMOS parallel/MIPI CSI-2 serial raw image data output
Output YCbCr format data
12bit/10bit A/D converter
NOR-Flash control function
AEC-Q100 Grade 2 certificated

Sony ISX019 System Block Diagram
System Block Diagram
Sony ISX019 Low illumination performance
Low illumination performance

Product specification

Image sensor effective pixels: 1280 (H)x960(V), approximate 1.23 megapixel
Optical format: Diagonal 4.69mm (1/3.8” inch)
Unit cell size: 2.8umx2.9um
Frame rate: QVGA or V480 (60, 50, 30, 25fps)
Scaling output mode: VGA, WVGA, XGA, HD720, WXGA, Quad-VGA
Sensitivity: 7.7V/lux (F5.6 lens, 1/30s exposure time)
Power supply: analog 2.9V, digital 1.1V, interface 1.8V
Power consumption: 250mW (DoL3F@30fps)
Interface: CMOS parallel output (8-bit multiplex), MIPI CSI-2 serial data output (4-lane/2-lane)
Package: 72pin BGA
Package size: 6.65mm x 7.3mm

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