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Bluetooth Smart Door Lock

Smart door lock solution based on NXP Bluetooth QN9021

Smart home and IoT are changing our life, they make our life easier and smarter. As the rising of these new industries, market now is demanding higher solution on wireless transmission technology such as WiFi, Bluetooth, ZigBee etc. Since ultra low power consumption, easy connection, the Bluetooth technology owns some exclusive advantages, especially to the Bluetooth 4.0 BLE, which allows you to establish an easy to use wireless link between devices and any compatible iOS or Android device. 

Bluetooth 4.0 BLE has been widely used in smart home industry, especially to smart locks, smart light dimmer etc products. In this article, we are pleased to introduce you the Bluetooth 4.0 BLE hardware solution based the NXP Bluetooth QN9021 chip, using the QN9021N, the device can be controlled through App operation.

4.0 BLE NXP QN9021 Door Lock Solution
NXP Blutooth Smart Lock Function Block Diagram

Function Description

  • +4.2V/2A Lithiumion battery power input
  • Support Bluetooth connection
  • Offer uA level ultra power consumption in sleep mode
  • -40℃---+85℃ working temperature range

Main Features

  • QN9021 chip has built-in MCU, 128KB flash, SRAM 32KB, 96KB ROM.
  • Support SPI, UART, ADC, PWM rich peripheral interfaces.
  • Support Bluetooth BT4.0 BLE standard/specification
  • Support remotely lock/unlock through App on smartphone.

What’s 4.0 BLE?

4.0 BLE, also refer as Bluetooth low energy, it’s one of popular wireless link protocols used for data transmission between different devices. Bluetooth, ZigBee, Z-Wave, WiFi are the major wireless protocols being used in smart products. Bluetooth 4.0 including two different profiles, one is Classic Bluetooth which including the specification of conventional Bluetooth, the other is Bluetooth Low Energy. Two different profiles usually are used in different applications. 

Classic Bluetooth can be used for large data transmission, such as music, file, voice, video etc large data transmission. Bluetooth Low energy is suitable for real-time data transmission, however transferring small data. BLE therefore are widely used in mouse, keyboard, Air Mouse, sensor based transmitters including heart beat strip, sphygmometer, thermometer and more smart devices.

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