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Yoosee Outdoor WiFi Camera

Review: Yoosee Outdoor WiFi IR Bullet Camera

Despite using IP cameras from big brands such as Hikvision, Dahua. Many users choose the Yoosee cameras. Yoosee cameras are very cheap for home use. Their products have occupied a large share in low end market sector. Yoosee cameras are very popular with customers due to their low cost. GwellTimes, the team behind the platform, keeps improving the App’s performance, so we are continuously reviewing this situation and producing different types of camera based on Yoosee platform. Currently, we can produce indoor cube cameras, pan/tilt cameras, outdoor bullet cameras, panoramic cameras.  The outdoor WiFi bullet IR cameras in particular are very popular, and frequently recommend them to our customers.

In this article, we are going to write an review for D1601AB. The camera is an outdoor IR bullet camera has two WiFi antennas, the camera adopts waterproof design to offer IP67 protection, therefore can withstand harsh weather conditions to be suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation. 

 Yoosee Outdoor WiFi Camera D1601AB

Unlike other models, this camera has a TF card slot (max. 32GB) design, yet it’s very convenient to allow users to insert and take the TF memory card out. The camera uses all-metal construction, it feels very solid, it includes a 3-axis swivel bracket, hence users can adjust the camera freely to get the optimum viewing angle. In addition to the WiFi connection, you will see it has a cable with a DC jack and RJ45 port at its end. This means this camera can support both Wi-Fi and Ethernet connection.

Yoosee Outdoor WiFi Bullet Camera

Yoosee Outdoor WiFi Bullet Camera

In terms of video capturing capability, it utilizes a 1/4” progressive scan CMOS image sensor SC1045, SC1045 is produced by SmartSens, which specializes in producing megapixel CMOS image sensors dedicated to IP video surveillance applications. The camera’s processor uses Grain Media’s GM8135S. The image has been carefully tuned to deliver high clarity and vivid color image. 

The camera is equipped with a 3.5mm fixed lens, it provides approximate 79 degree wide viewing angle.  If you are not satisfied with this viewing angle, you can choose the 1.3MP Fisheye Lens Panoramic Camera, which is able to provide you 360° panoramic view. As it’s an IR camera, behind the protection glasses, you can find Infrared illuminators. When camera works in low light conditions, the camera will automatically switch on these IR illuminators, and the IR range can reach up to 10-15 meters. As it has IR-CUT filter, the camera can produce true color image at day while maintaining the highest light sensitivity at night. 

Yoosee Outdoor WiFi Camera 3.6mm Lens with IR

When firstly receive the camera, you may want to setup the camera through its web interface just like you did on other IP cameras. However, yoosee cameras don’t support setup via web interface. It mainly relies on the App to complete the setup and installation. Foremost, you need to download and run the Yoosee App in your smartphones.

Installation & setup

As we previously mentioned, the Yoosee App is maintained by Gwelltimes team, the team keeps update the App intending to enrich functionalities and fix bugs, the Yoosee App now becomes very user-friendly. 

The camera offers three methods to setup, you can simply run a Cat5 network cable from the camera to the router, then manually add it to the App by inputting device ID and password.  Or you can reset the camera, then using [Smartlink] to add the camera. Moreover, the Yoosee recently add another [AP mode] to add the camera. AP, is the abbreviation of access point, when your IP camera is in AP mode, it means the camera will provide a hotspot WiFi, your smartphone can directly connect to this WiFi SSID, then access the camera. AP mode enables users to use the IP camera even there is no Internet connection. To know more about this, you can read my previous article - How to use the AP mode function for Yoosee cameras?

Add the camera to Yoosee App
Add the camera to Yoosee App

It should be noted that all Yoosee cameras currently only support 2.4GHz WiFi, they don't support 5GHz WiFi. Comparing with 5GHz, 2.4GHz WiFi can provide better performance in terms of transmission range, and the speed is sufficient for the data transmission of this camera. DHCP function should be enabled in your router to ensure the setup will be successful. Once it has been added, it will be listed on App.

Added camera on Yoosee App

Click the thumbnail image, you can watch the HD video, horizontally rotating your smartphone, the image will scale up to be full screen. Then, you will see many options such as a option to switch different resolution (LD, SD, HD), arm/disarm, mute, intercom, snapshot, video record. Simply touching one of them to achieve the functions you want. If you want to change the camera's settings, for instance, you want to change the date and time, then you can click "Set" icon to proceed. The setting page will list all the settings you can change including time, picture and sound, defense, network, alarm, record and more settings. Lastly, if you wish to upgrade the camera's firmware, you can simply click "Firmware update", the camera will automatically check if there is a new update available, then upgrade to the latest firmware automatically.

All camera's settings on Yoosee App

For those users who wish to access the camera through computers, the camera comes with a free software called CMSClient. CMSClient is a software can be run in Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, as well as the Windows 10 OS. Unfortunately, it doesn't offer software the Mac Computer. Using the CMSClient software, users can manage up to 64 sets of cameras simultaneously. The CMSClient software provides preview, playback, video recording, remote config etc many useful functions.

Free 64CH CMSClient Software
Free 64CH CMSClient Software

Image quality

Yoosee cameras are so cheap, many users may doubt on its image quality. The reality is Yoosee cameras can provide a decent quality image due to the 1-megapixel CMOS image sensor. The camera will automatically adjust the camera’s image parameter to fit the changes of lighting conditions, therefore to capture high clarity and true color video. However, the IR night is a bit disappointing, as it can’t not allow users to manually switch on/off the IR illuminators. In many cases, for example, some users want to use the camera as a baby monitor, therefore don’t want to the camera to switch on its IR LEDs even working under low light conditions. 

The equipped lens is 3.6mm, which gives the most wide-angle view, however there is significant barrel distortion, especially towards the edges of the frame, resulting in a significant fish-eye effect. This will no doubt be less severe with the longer focal lengh lenses (e.g. 8mm, 12mm).

Yoosee Outdoor WiFi Camera - indoor Scene
Indoor Scene - Snapshot
Yoosee Outdoor WiFi Camera - Outdoor Scene
Outdoor Scene - Snapshot


This is a good outdoor IP WiFi camera for home use, at the bottom low price.  It supports hassle-free setup and installation, the image quality can compete the similar models from Hikvision and Dahua. Its TF card slot design is great since users can insert or take out the TF memory card without opening the camera’s housing.


  • Very attractive price
  • Outdoor camera with TF memory card slot
  • Good feature set, including alarm detection
  • Support AP mode, can work without Internet connection
  • Well-designed App that is compatible with Android and iOS


  • Without web interface, some users may feel disappointed
  • Can’t not manually switch on/off Infrared LEDs
  • Motion detection is not accurate, high false alarm rate

Day time video indoor & outdoor scene


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