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Review: Good or Bad? Battery Wi-Fi 1080P Security Camera, How it Works!

If you do a small investigation on reasons why some people are reluctant to use security cameras, you probably will get answers attribute reasons to installation and privacy. Camera installation really is a pain in ass for many users especially if they want to install cameras by themselves, or their house isn’t in remodeling phrase. Similar to the evolvement of home appliances, today security cameras become smaller and portable. Here we have a battery Wi-Fi security camera resembles Arlo.

The camera we are about to introduce does really resemble Arlo, if you don’t know Arlo, here we give you a brief introduction. Arlo security cameras occupy nearly one third market share in North America. Using battery to supply power is the major highlight of Arlo cameras. Depending on technology development to reduce power consumption, it’s foreseeable that battery security cameras will replace conventional security cameras to dominate the civilian video surveillance market.

Here we are going to review camera is model S4, on its package box it describes portable wireless Wi-Fi HD camera. Well, personally I think the correct description should be battery Wi-Fi FHD camera as it supports 1080P resolution, HD equals 720p, FHD equals 1080p. Under the line of name of the product, it says real-time remote video intercom.

S4 Battery Wifi 1080p security camera

Opening the box and taking our the items, we will have one camera, one USB cable, one booklet, one bracket. There is no power adapter, it means the camera works with standard DC5V, can use cellphone charger to supply power. The metal bracket is swivel, you are able to adjust the angle when it’s mounted on wall or ceiling.

S4 Battery Wifi 1080p security camera and installation bracket

The camera is very tiny, the benefits are obvious, on one hand, you’re able to mount it on narrow corners to have the best viewing angle, on other hand, it’s concealable, can’t be easily detected by suspects. For indoor installation, the smaller, the better. By the way, the camera adopts full-sealed enclosure design, offers IP65 grade waterproof and dustproof protection. On one side of camera, it prints some icons present the main features of camera. The camera comes with 2MP image sensor and lens to capture vivid color 1920x1080 effective pixel video. It has Infrared LEDs to enable camera see under dim or no light conditions. Similar to other cameras, it has built-in microphone and speaker, supports 2-way audio intercom. That’s the reason why it’s called “Real time remote video intercom”. A PIR motion sensor built-in to provide motion detection, o next chapter I’ll share more info on this.

S4 Battery Wifi 1080p security camera

As you see the picture, there is a convex black below the camera, it’s PIR motion sensor, actually it’s transparent with anti-white light coat. PIR is the acronym of Passive Infrared, the sensor has been widely used in sensing applications for several decades, offering accurate motion detection and consuming ultra lower power are advantages of it. Basically, you will find it in almost all intrusion alarm system kits. With help of PIR motion sensor, the camera can accurately pick motion caused by human. On the back of camera, after remove the waterproof protection cover, we can find the power on/off button, reset button, and microUSB port for power input, and microSD/TF card slot. The camera accepts TF memory card up to 64GB to provide on-board video storage.

Battery WiFi 1080p Camera with PIR motion sensor
Battery WiFi camera with TF card slot
Buy this camera US$49.9

How does battery security camera work?

The camera adopts Ingenic T20 SoC, it’s a high-performance processor has embedded with 128MB DDR2 RAM, the larger RAM design enable the processor to run fast. It supports up to 4-megapixel CMOS image sensors, having a powerful H.264 codec to support 1080P@60fps encoding capability. It has built-in the new generation image signal processing unit (ISP), the image quality is as good as other rivals.

From the product’s description, it says after one full recharge, the battery inside camera can last up to a year. This hasn’t been verified by users yet. However, I suppose it may last at least 8 months, it’s still acceptable. How does the camera can work so many days? As we know, we have to recharge our smartphone once per two days?

Well, the working of battery security camera is distinctively different from conventional wireless cameras. Most of time, it works under standby mode, it only turns on when there is someone moves in detecting scope of PIR sensor, or you wake up the camera by operating the app.

The PIR motion sensor inside the camera works all the time (24 hourly, 7 days), when motion detection is tripped, main system of camera will boot up and establish Wi-Fi/wireless network connection. Thanks to Huawei LiteOS, the entire process takes less than 1 second. Then, camera will start to record video or send push notification to inform users. This is the secret why battery camera has a PIR motion sensor and the battery inside can last so much longer time.

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