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3MP IP Camera Module Based on Aptina AR0330

HD Network Cameras: Aptina AR0130 AR0230CS Image Sensors

AR0130 - 1/3 inch 1.2 megapixel CMOS image sensor
AR0130 adopts Aptina exclusive patent A-Pix technology to reduce image noise, and DR-pix technology to capture motion images with 60 frames per second, offering 720p resolution video, its near infrared and 850nm wavelength high sensitivity characteristic greatly enhanced the night vision performance, this sensor is able to capture the world leading HD image under 0.1 lux low light condition. Checking figure 1, under the same low light scene, the right image has better IOS and clarity because of utilizing Aptina DR-Pix technology.

ON Semiconductor (Aptina) DR-pixel Technology
ON Semiconductor (Aptina) DR-pixel Technology

The AR0130 has been widely used in network cameras that offers auto-focus, snapshot, automatic black level calibration, scene switching, progressive scanning, advanced AGC, can be programmed via the two-wire serial interface, parallel interface compatible with most image processor, built-in trigger mode to synchronize multiple sensors. In addition, the AR0130 can also upgrade traditional analog cameras to HD 600 - 1000 TVL series AHD, HD-CVI, HD-TVI analog cameras.

Since the AR0130 has enhanced sensitivity can decrease the use of artificial lighting by Infrared LEDs, greatly reduce the cost of security camera.

AR0230CS - 1/2.7 inch 2.1 megapixel CMOS Image Sensor
AR0230CS keeps a consistent design of AR0130 (industry leading low-light and near infrared sensitivity), additionally offers up to 105 dB wide dynamic range, has the capability to provide 1080p (1920x1088 effective pixels) video, its maximum frame rate is 60fps. AR0230 has high dynamic range integration, includes optimized motion compensation, Adaptive Local Tone Mapping (ALTM) and Digital Lateral Overflow (DLO) functionalities. Additionally, AR0230CS provides interleaved T1 / T2 output for using third-party Internet service provider (ISP) HDR support customers.

Aptina's AR0230CS adopts 3.0μm unit pixel structure design, owns DR-Pix pixel technology to enhance the low light performance, and extend the wide dynamic range to maximum 105 dB. DR-Pix pixel technology offers two modes: the low conversation gain mode, optimized for greater charge handling capacity in bright environments; high conversation gain mode, providing higher sensitivity and a lower reading in low-light environments to reduce image noise. Other features include global reset release the shutter, advanced onboard statistics engine, scene switching, automatic black level calibration, on-chip phase-locked loop and temperature sensor. AR0230CS operating temperature range is -30 ℃ to + 85 ℃, containing parallel and HiSPi interface.

Figure 2 shows the performance comparison between other competitor's image sensors and AR0230, under the 0.5 lux + Infrared lighting conditions. From this comparison we can know the Aptina AR0230 can deliver better image in terms of image clarity and noise.

AR0230 low light performance
ON Semiconductor (Aptina) AR0230


Network cameras are the main market sector in today's video surveillance industry, and its constant innovation and development depends on the performance of key components of the image sensor. From 720p HD to ultra high definition is the trend, Aptina CMOS image sensors fit the market's needs, they are widely employed in wearable products and HD or even 4K UHD security cameras, through high dynamic range, low noise processing technology to achieve low light HD imaging, it's the perfect choice for video surveillance and automotive applications that requiring high reliability.

ON Semiconductor has successfully acquired the Aptina Imaging in 2014. Dedicated to video surveillance, ON Semiconductor image sensor portfolio including AR0130CS / AR0132AT / AR0134CS / AR0135AT / AR0136AT (1.2MP), AR0140AT / AR0140CS / AR0141CS (1.0MP), AR0230AT / AR0230CS / AR0231AT / AR0261 (2.1MP), AR0330 / AR0331 (3MP), AR0542 / AR0543 (5MP), AR0833 / AR0835 (8MP), AR1011 (10MP), AR1335 (13MP), AR1820HS (18MP).

Aptina surveillance solutions
Remember watching your favorite Hollywood spy? That guy had all the cool gadgets: a laser in his watch and a missile launcher in his pen. He could watch a couple of seedy foreign agents across the room with a high-resolution, auto-focusing spy cam that was powered with kinetic energy and camouflaged as a tie tack. His spy cam could even broadcast 720p HD video to HQ in London at 60 fps. But the most intriguing thing about this scenario is that technology—that is, Aptina® technology—is catching up with Hollywood.

Now don’t go out and try to design some IP HD security camera the size of a toothpick, but know that our sensors—our security and surveillance-specific sensors—have more capability than ever before. We’ve been working hard to lead the world in surveillance sensor designs so that you, our customer, can conceive and design technologically spectacular security and surveillance camera systems. We’ve spent years developing the largest surveillance sensor portfolio in the industry to give you high-quality, tested, and packaged parts for your progressive security and surveillance designs. Go ahead and browse through our offerings, block diagrams, and reference designs. Be impressed and be inspired. Be the one to make the current Hollywood spy thriller technology look old school. Read on to learn more about surveillance camera technology.

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